Whisper: iPhone whispers your secrets, iPod Touch listens

January 4, 2008

Whisper: iPhone whispers your secrets, iPod Touch listensMicrosoft would like you to believe "the Social" is the way to go, and perhaps they’re right. Except for the creator of Whisper, an iPhone app, it seems no one’s considering the abilities of Apple’s latest babies to help people interact (outside of calling/messaging).

Whisper is a part of the iApp-a-Day project, Sean Herber‘s successful attempt at creating and releasing an iPhone or iPod Touch app for every day of November. To be honest, most of Herber’s iApp-a-Day apps are simple and pointless, but that’s not to say there aren’t gems scattered throughout the thirty apps. Whisper happens to be one of them.

The program uses your iPhone to record a short secret. That secret is downloaded to a Whisper database full of the secrets of other iPhone users. The origin of each secret is unknown as the program doesn’t send out your information. Whisper also allows you to listen to an unlimited number of random secrets.

This is where iPod Touch users get to join the fun. Because it has no microphone, the Touch can’t record secrets, but it can still listen to them. Not all the "secrets" are really secrets Some of the messages include screaming and laughing while others consist of pure silence.

If you’ve hacked your device, we definitely recommend giving this program a go. To install Whisper, you  must first install the iApp-a-Day source through Installer.app under the Sources category. If you enjoy Whisper, make sure to check out Quest, another of Herber’s apps, which requires the iPhone’s camera instead of microphone.

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