How to get music off an iPod Touch, iPhone in Windows

May 9, 2008

How to get music off an iPod Touch, iPhone in Windows The iPod Touch and iPhone are not like other iPods; possessing no "disk use" mode. With other iPods it is possible to use that mode to access the flash memory or hard drive directly and pull music off the iPod, this is not possible with the iPod Touch or iPhone. But, there is a free and easy method of getting music from your iPod Touch or iPhone to you PC.

There are several paid programs that will do this for you, one such example is Xplay 3 (Windows only) which is also capable of accessing both Mac and Windows formatted iPods. This is the type of software that you’ll use once, twice or very rarely and is, in my opinion not worth paying for unless you’re going to use it often.

Here is how I went about getting the music off my iPod Touch (this method would also work with an iPhone):

Disclaimer: The iPod Touch used in this example was used with a PC first then a Mac and then a PC again so if you’re going from a Mac to a PC transfer with it, this may not work but you’re free to try.

Step 1, download iPhoneBrowser from GoogleCode.

Step 2, install iPhoneBrowser

Step 3, connect iPod Touch

Step 3a, cancel iTunes synching process if it starts and you don’t want the library on the iPod Touch or iPhone changed

Step 4, launch iPhoneBrowser

In iPhoneBrowser navigate to "iTunes_Control/Music" then right click the Music folder and either select "Backup folder" or "Save Folder In" to select where you want the files saved to.


All those numbered folders contain your music but you won’t recognize any of the files because of the naming system that is used by all iPods.  The files still contain the appropriate information and will be there when imported to your media player of choice; if you have AAC files then there is no choice and you’ll be using iTunes.

I don’t know where iPhoneBrowser saves files when you select the backup option, I never could find them so its best to go with the "Save Folder In" option and specify the directory, just pick one that’s to your liking; I used iTunes Music.

There is a downside to iPhoneBrowser and it’s not clear if it’s a Vista problem or just a problem with the program but while it’s transferring files from your iPod Touch or iPhone it will say "Not Responding" but is still working.  It will remain in that state until the backup is finished.

I can’t give it points for polish but it works, it’s free and gets files off your iPod Touch or iPhone.

Other utilities such as EphPod should be used by those who have other iPods such as Nanos, Videos or Classics because it and similar utilities rely on the ability of the iPod to be used as mass storage by Windows which the iPod Touch and iPhone can not be and thus require special software.

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180 Responses to “How to get music off an iPod Touch, iPhone in Windows”

  1. Clive:

    The iPod Touch and iPhone are not like other iPods; possessing no “disk use” mode. This is because they both use flash memory for storage which wears out over time.

    This is because flash memory only has a limited number of read & erase cycles usually, 100,000 cycles (read/write and erase).

    The more you move date to your iPod Touch the more you wear it out.

    So to help prevent this Apple has not included the disk use mode on flash based devices. Which should help prolong the life of you iPod.

  2. Jonathan Schlaffer:

    Clive, that might have worked, except the iPod Nano and Shuffle have a disk use mode as well as the other hard drive iPods. The Nanos use the same flash memory as the iPod Touch/iPhone so your argument doesn’t quite work.

    As for prolonging the life of flash memory, well, the read/writes are distributed evenly among the memory cells and average life of the device should be 10 years because you aren’t always performing a full read or write of the device.

    Granted, if you do full wipes and restores, then yes, life would be reduced. But simply storing new data or reading data doesn’t reduce the life nearly as much.

    Who’s going to have an iPod for more than three or five years before replacing it anyway? I wouldn’t… I get a new one about every two but that’s me, I’m not a “average” consumer so take that as you will.

    The fact is that other flash based iPods have the disk use mode and so the iPod Touch/iPhone should have it as well.

  3. Clive:

    I’d be really interested to know the MTBF an cycles theses flash chips employ.

    And also the read/write speeds. Iv looked around and cant find anything?

    Are Apple using Industrial Grade chips or just your common house hold CF card type?

    Lets us know ;-)

  4. Mark:

    Jonathan, great worrk there, and that iPhone browser has seem to be the only windows based program communications with my iPod touch outside of iTunes. My only trouble is, I did not get the “iTunes_Control/Music” folder in my list of folders. iTunes was not syncing with my ipod like you said to cancel.

    I went through every folder and subfolder and even found my games and programs installed (so I know it’s connecting fine) would jailbreaking be the reason my iPod won’t work with this procedure?

    I have in the browser – .svn, Applications, Library, System, bin, cores, dev, etc, private, sbin, tmp, usr, var. And I have checked through every sub folder.

  5. Tommo:

    Yes Mark, it certainly appears to be the case. I know someone who has done this too and it won’t work for them either!

  6. laurence:

    The iPod Touch seems to place the music directory in a different folder than the iPhone. You’ll find it in /var/mobile/Media/

  7. Jonathan:

    That’s interesting because my iPod Touch had the music right there in the iTunes_Control/Music folder. I guess there are differences in the way the iPhone and iPod Touch store data.

  8. Ben:

    I have a jailbroken ipod touch as well and I found the folder. I also have vista and have the not responding problem. Where does it save the music when you select ‘Backup’ ?

  9. Brian:

    I think the problem with the not responding is the application uses one thread for everything causing the GUI to not respond. If it had been written to run the backups on a separate thread it might solve the issue. Other than that great app.

  10. Dan:

    Great!! After searching all over the intenet for a way to move my ipod touch music…I came across your golden entry. Thank you soo much. You are the man!!

  11. Sam:

    Hi, there. Thanks so much for this. :)
    It worked a treat. Yay!

  12. johnathan:

    how do you download iphonebrowser ?

    what do i click i cant find an install button

  13. Steven:

    how do i install this? please reply to me a

  14. Nicola:

    hey, this seems to be a fix for a problem that many are having with the ‘other’ capacity filling up with music files which you can’t access. so no need for a restore and worked in seconds – great!

  15. matt:

    i have a touch and vista, and ive only gotten one not responding error but over all this is great

  16. ben:

    how do you get the songs to have their real name and not the special characters given by itunes such as ANPT

  17. Chris:

    ben, i agree completely, i have an iPod Classic and i can get my music (by showing hidden folders), but it’s all four characters. Not really helpful for identifying them. anyone have any solutions?

  18. asw:

    When i plug in my ipod touch the iphone browser says that it has an error and needs to close, but it runs fine when my ipod isn’t plugged in

  19. lheoz:

    nice one man…cheers!!!

  20. Tristan:

    Hey thanks for this man.
    I’m currently doing it now.
    Takes A LONG time :P

  21. KooLLaiD:

    The locations of the music on the iPhone is:

  22. kr0me:

    jailbroken 2.0 I found my music in:

  23. NAVA:

    hey i know this is offtopic but is there any way to download songs from safari directly to my ipod(jailbreak)

  24. bob:

    ok after doing this how can I get this guys music back on the itouch along with new music fomr my itunes????

  25. munchkin:

    you can get your folder to show artist and title (meta data) by changing a few of the view options. this works if u are using explorer to view the folders anyway. (what u normally use to view stuff on ur computer)

  26. Chris:

    So does this work without jailbreak my iPod?

  27. tom:

    hey, thatnks so much, my PC broke so i lost everthing and this is the only free way of copying the songs back to my new laptop, im sick of all the shit trails iv been downloading

  28. ixo:


  29. Rini:

    Thank you so much for publishing this article. I’ve been searching for the past couple hours and stressing over wether or not I could get my music of my iPod Touch onto my iTunes. My computer crashed a couple weeks ago, and I lost several important files, along with my music. iPhoneBrowser did a great job retrieving over 300 songs off of my iPod Touch. Thanks again.

    (Btw, I’m still in the process of grabbing all my music of the Touch, but so far, so good (: )

  30. Gino:

    This was awesome! Thank you! It’s BS they make this $hit so difficult. We should be able to have full control of the music on our property! Cheers!

  31. Amy:

    I just want to thank you so much.
    i had well over one thousand songs on my ipod touch 32G, and dad reformatted the computer and i lost everything.
    I was dreading having to download each and every single one again, and then i found this.

    Your amazing.
    And i cannot thank you enough.

  32. Dwayne Prov:

    I have a 16gig iTouch and Vista. I decided to finally give in and buy the App Store for $10 to my iTouch. When you are about to install it, it gives a message that says to install the new update with the App Store, it will wipe out everything on your iPod. Damn it. So you’d think they would give you an option to back up your iPod to Computer… but no, you have to deal with all this garbage first. Really inconsiderate of them, but this program worked great.

    To get it ordered and back to my iTunes and iPod, I copied it to my iTunes folder, -make sure you have it “organized”.- (iTunes/Edit/Preferences/Advanced…I have “Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized” is checked). After I did this I was good to go.

    14.63 gigs of music is taking me 3ish hours to move… not sure why but it runs in the background and doesn’t interfere with browsing on Firefox.

    Thanks for the post!

  33. Bon:

    Thanks for the post! This program is great! Cheers!

  34. Rambo:

    Thanx man! This is Great!
    It takes a long ass time but its worth it. The only program that I found and works.

  35. GamaTST:

    I am very grateful for this post! I had 49 files (albums) on an Ipod Touch to recover and it took 2 hours but it worked! Use the new beta version with Vista or you’ll get the errors mentioned. Save the file with a name and then import it in to iTunes with the “manage my folders option” and it will re-name them properly and you’ll be ready to go
    Thanks Again!

  36. Cyle:

    The reason the new ipods dont have disk mode is the apps. if you had disk mode you could take the apps of the ipod and post downloads for free on torrent sites and such. right now this is only possible if you jailbreak the ipod so you can ssh into the ipod and add or remove files, but with disk mode it would be much easier to steal apps, therefore more people would take advantage.

  37. Kevin:

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know how to do this on the mac? I do not have a pc and I cant find anything on how to get my songs off (and then back onto) my Ipod touch using the mac. If anyone knows can you please respond to me at


  38. Daniel:

    The program worked great for my Ipod touch. I was just wondering if i could get the names back for all my songs instead of just mixed letters and numbers.Anyone know how to?

  39. Daniel:

    The program worked great for my Ipod touch. I was just wondering if i could get the names back for all my songs instead of just mixed letters and numbers. Whenever i try rename them it says it will make the file unusable.Anyone know how to get the names back?

  40. Stephen:

    I have a jailbroken ipod and found it under


    hope that helps

  41. Alan:

    Hey i was wondering if it gives you the name of the songs afterwards or not?

  42. Wolf:

    For all of those who have been asking. If you put the .mp3′s that you get out of your iPod into iTunes, it should add them with the correct title.
    At least that’s how it worked with the Nano.

    Does your iPod Touch have to be jailbroken to use this app?

  43. Wolf:

    For all of those who have been asking. If you put the .mp3′s that you get out of your iPod (the ones with the crazy four letter codes) into iTunes, it should add them with the correct title.
    At least that’s how it worked with the Nano.

    Does your iPod Touch have to be jailbroken to use this app?

  44. usako:

    If you choose the backup option on iPhoneBrowser all you have to do to access the files is go to the function tab and click on “View Backup Files”, it will take you right to them.

  45. Unknown:

    thank god, i need to restore my ipod and was worried that id end up losing the music i bought on my ipod.

  46. flyin4stroke:

    Its like having a external hard drive on your phone!! awsome!! I lost all the music on my computer but just put it all back on from my phone!

  47. Dezz:

    This is amazing! just in case anyone wants to know where exactly to save here is the file C:\Users\Public\music… this will transfer files to your media player then you can get the music on to iTunes from there

  48. Massimo:

    Hi, does this method work the for photos?

  49. c-money:

    you are my hero, i owe you big time!!

    thanks sooooo much.

    ps. if you click on function-> view backup files, itll take you to where your music is being stored

  50. Ali:

    Backups are saved in C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Cranium\iPhoneBrowser

  51. jus:

    I followed all the step but nothing is happening I just see the green bar (bottom left) loading up. Is it working?

  52. lisa:

    Hi i followed all of the above but nothing seems to be happening i see the green bar (bottom left) loading up but im not sure if its working ?? When i unplug the ipod it says i need to plug it back in for the application to finish ?????

  53. paulie:

    Is it normal for this to take 36 years?
    I’m freakin’ dying over here.


  54. babalou:

    Hey guys-
    Okay, I just did this..took like 3 hours.
    In the beginning when it asked where I want the files, I just put Program Files, for shits & giggles.
    My bad for not being more specific.

    I can’t find the music anywhere.
    Even when I look in iPhoneBrowser Functions/Show Backup Files..the folders are empty.

    Can anyone PLEASE HELP?
    ..Oh, and it’s a iTouch & the OS is Vista.

    Any help would be appreciated!
    Thank you!!

  55. lauren:

    absolutly amazing!! worked a treat
    took about 3 hours but was well worth it
    I’m so happy right now hehe

    thanks everyone :D

  56. Korona:

    Thank you all for the post…..
    Learned something new LoL

  57. Robert:

    Works badass. iPhone 8gb 3G 2.2.1 firmware 5.9 bootloader

    Looks like have to go thru each individual file but pulls the music I wanted. Only thing is just pulls artist name and not name of song but this is to easy so is ok with me.


    then there are the individual folders. click on an .mp3 and click on “preview”……to easy

    where can I donate for this app????

  58. matthew:

    If your ipod is jailbroken you should also be able to use winscp or the mac equal to download the media files from your ipod touch. This will work via the wifi connection so there is no need to hook up the USB and risk a sync and the distruction of your files. The down side is you need to move a lot of data over the wifi. It will take longer.

    I was going to go that way but I had my fingers crossed that this way with the google app would get the proper file names back. It dont.

  59. Arcan3:

    the Iphone Winamp Pluggin allows for bidirectional Sync… works on iphone 3g 16gb with itunes 7.7 installed… (i had 8.something but i downgraded trying to use iphonebrowser)

  60. ben:

    hey um i keep getting an error message saying “iPhoneBrowser has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” help please

  61. Owen:

    Media monkey is free and copies files from an ipod touch to windows computer. and you can select the songs by artist name etc. and just copy the songs you want… it did crash a lot for me but still works if you just move the error report window to the side…

  62. Rochelle:

    You are the bomb-diggety-ding-dong-dang!

  63. Matt:

    i’m trying to get this to work..but it keeps saying “Windows Not Working” and asking me to “Send Information” what do i do? because it isn’t working.

  64. NetMage:

    Matt: If you are still around, please open an issue at the iPhoneBrowser site on Google Code with details.

    And make sure you are trying the latest version, 1.9.1.

  65. Noah Wilcox:

    Thanks a bunch mate. Got all my music back. Had to rename a few but only took a second. Thanks a TON!

  66. Tosh:

    The only thing wrong with this is that it does not get the names of the songs back… Its just random like XIELA…

  67. Maddy:

    The program said the files had been extracted but i can’t find them. Time is of the essence. Please respond asap.

  68. Ei:

    Specify the exact location and it should be there. If not, you could always download the archive instead of the installer.

  69. brianp:

    just to let u know, to get ur music if u selected backup, just go to functions, and then view my backup files and it will bring u right to it, mine was \

    C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\Local Settings\Application Data\Cranium\iPhoneBrowser

  70. Josh:

    Great work man, will give it ago.

    Just lost my HD and have to pull songs off the iPhone.

    Hope there not ACC.

  71. Bruce Kate:

    iPod to Computer Transfer is designed to help you backup all your files from your iPod.
    Learn more, please read get music off ipod and get music off iphone.

  72. jordan:D:

    to get all my music i went into
    itunes control
    and rightcliked on music and saved it to my hard drive
    i hope this helps

  73. Darlene:

    This is terrific! Thanks a ton! :)

  74. connor:

    hey thanks this helped me alot and you saved my life haha!

    My computer had crashed right after i had bounced the final copies for a band i had recorded and so the files were lost in all places except my ipod!


  75. Seb:

    Thanks for this is have tried a couple of things to retrieve about 4gig of tunes which i hadn’t backed up. This found them. :)

  76. josesito:

    yay! people i know how to get the name for the songs back!! right click music, properties, second tab and there in title it says the music’s name!! copy and paste it to the music’s name.. :D any questions e-mail me to

  77. TheGrizz:

    I just used this and it worked excellent. My system went from PC then to Mac back to PC and had no problems. Thanks for this post. I have a question about play lists. Anyone know where this file is found on the “touch”. I don’t really want to go through making them again in Itunes or can they be imported back to itunes?

  78. Kassidy:


  79. Johney:

    I love you bro now I can update my iPod !!!!!!!

  80. Angry guy:

    Program works But I found a Trojan I have no Internet Where the hell would the virus come from!??? SCAN YOUR COMPUTER

  81. Ronald O Carlson:

    Windows is an infection.

  82. it won't:

    it won’t work for me, everytime i launch the program it says stopped working.

  83. Mike:

    Thx for this. U ppl keep askinthe same QUESTIONS THT HAVE BEEN ANSWERSD like how do I get the names of the songs. U PUT THEM INTO ITUNES AND CONSOLIDATE LIBRARY (file, library, consolidate library). And wolah, ur music now has names, ur music is places in my music, iTunes

  84. joey:

    Is there a program which automaticly renames the songs back to there real name instead of FJSN…?

  85. pix:

    Won’t work for me either, XP Pro SP2, starts reading iPhone and then quits with Windows error message. Damn.

  86. Trevor:

    YEa, im haveing the same problem Pix is havin, i open the program and it crasheS….so frustrating!!!

  87. Dudee:

    If you jailbreak you will have to navigate to /var/mobile/Media
    if your not jailbroken it wont show all the folders in the iPod/iPhone

  88. Rachel Harding:

    This was really helpful!!!! I was wandering if I would ever put my music on ipod onto my new computer BUT you rescued me (cheers!) now I can have a itunes library! woww I’m excited!

  89. alex:

    awsome. works great

  90. Lee Edwards:

    Hi mate, Thanks for posting this. It worked great!

  91. Quinton:

    I can not seem to find out why my ipod touch is not being recognized by this software. Any help?

  92. Josh:

    Does anyone know what folder to copy movies to in the iPhone Browser? I have ripped some DVD’s and want them on my phone but have not had success finding the folder.


  93. Nicole:

    This worked perfectly for me, it didn’t matter that the file names had changed – once you load them in iTunes the file names are restored! Very nice ;)

  94. Suzanne:

    I am using Windows 7 with this program. I checked the file where I asked the program to back up the files to and you can see the songs names etc. SO EASY!!!

    thanks so much…I did this once before and had a WAY harder time!! :)

  95. steve:

    Am I the only idiot here to realized the question started with he does not have a computer. The for this guy will probably require not using a computer.

  96. sarah:

    hi love the ipod touch

  97. jamal:

    I can get iphonebrowser open but after i connect my ipod or half it open ipb turns off its leaves me a message saying. iphonebrowser has stopped working. I’m on vista by the way.

  98. Joel:

    My external hard drive with my whole library stopped working and my last backup to DVD was over a year ago *kick myself again*. I am retrieving my files from a 2nd Gen iPod Touch onto a Windows Vista computer. Version 1.91 of iPhoneBrowser didn’t work for me so I tried the 1.93 beta and it seems to be working. No original filenames yet but we will see what happens when I add them back to the library.

  99. Andrea:

    Oh thank you! My laptop hard drive crashed and I lost all of my music! I easily just recovered them all from my iPod Touch. And it transferred the names too! Thank you! Now to figure out how to do this with all the pictures I lost. :(

  100. sophie:


  101. Mc:

    There is a free way to do it… I only know it for windows…

    1. Open up “my computer”
    2. Open the iPod folder
    3. Make sure that you have set the folder to show hidden files ( on anything before vista just right click the folder and go to “prefrences”. This will not work for vista because the hidden don’t show up even after setting them to
    4. Go into the folder
    5. Go to iPod settings or something like that
    6. Click music and copy all the folders
    7. Paste them somwhere else
    8. (this is the annoying part especially if you have heaps of music) open the first folder and drag all the files into iTunes after this open the second folder and do the same and continue

    NOTE: Im not sure weather you can copy it put of iTunes once your done but you can give it a try also “the folder” was refering to the iPod folder which will have your iPods name on it and lastly the hidden file might not be called iPod settings but don’t change anything if you cants see music just go back and try one of the other hidden folders

  102. Kristin:

    Can anyone help me? My computer crashed few weeks ago and all my music got erased. And as I was trying to transfer the music from my ipod touch to my computer, suddenly iTunes doesn’t wanna connect with my iPod and says I have to restore it !! And that means everything will be erased from my iPod as well ! Can anyone tell me what I can do ?

  103. Johnny Gout Cure:

    @Clive “So to help prevent this Apple has not included the disk use mode on flash based devices. Which should help prolong the life of you iPod.”

    LOL! Typical moronic Apple apologist bull$hit. ALMOST ALL MOBILE DEVICES USE FLASH MEMORY, especially phones and other phones have no trouble acting as mass storage devices.

    Apple just wants to limit the phone’s functionality in the name of “controlling the user experience”, but in reality this is to LOCK people into using iTunes.

  104. dubai:

    hi , i have an i pod touch and i bought an update from istore and i lost all my music ! is there any way to retreive all the songs back i kept on changing computers so i dont have any back up

  105. Downloader:

    Can’t wait for Red death redemption to come out!

  106. bethanya2:

    I have the same problem as Jamal. the iphone browser will open as long as my ipod is not open but when the ipod opens the browser says there is a problem and then shuts down…help!

  107. Rimist:

    Worked for me. I used the 1.93 beta version, running on my windows vista 64 bit pc. My ipod touch is not jailbroken, and is version 3.x.

  108. KingKoala:

    Maybe a third party program is the best choice.
    Like iCopyBot from
    Can keep the music filename, can also transfer playlist back to iTunes.

  109. Sarah:

    This has taken many hours to save the music and I can see it through the iPhoneBrowser but when I look in the folder there is nothing there and when I try to add file to library there is nothing, please help

  110. Tapiirs:

    SharePod software is much more better for music download from any ipod and iphone…

  111. Peter Bhullar:

    Sweet, finally found my answer but with a drawback that files are given random names.

  112. Rebecca:

    Sweet, although I prefer to use CopyTrans to perform all management duties on my iPhone!

  113. Brandi:

    Thanks so much. I thought I’d lost over 600 songs, but was able to get them all back onto my pc from my ipod touch. Used the beta version with Vista, and no problems! I saved iTunues Control/Music folder directly to my “Atoumatically Add to iTunes” folder, and watched as they all reappeared in my iTunes library.

  114. Jeremy:

    For anyone how wanted to know how to get the artists names:

    Play the songs (the songs in the F0, F1, F2 etc, folders) It will create a folder with the song and information. Best way is to choose all songs and right click, play. Makes life so much easier!

  115. samantha spiegel:

    I cant find the download link for iphonebrowser where do i download it from?

  116. smart pc guy:

    sharepod has always worked for me on all ipods.

  117. Geophrum:

    if you use the backup method in Vista or Win 7 the files should ne saved to c:\users\Username|AppData\Local\Cranium\iPhoneBrowser

  118. Katy:

    thank you so much for this!! it worked like a charm! i just got a new lap top and was dreading having to redownload over 400 songs!! this was the first website i went to and it worked great!!! thanks again!!!
    p.s. does anyone know if this will work for pictures too?

  119. Bill:

    For those songs purchased from iTunes, no need to use any program. Simply click “Transfer Purchases”.
    For songs from other sources,like CD, use some third party program to help. Find the easiest one:
    It has some many tips on this.

  120. Kellery:

    Works like a dream :) About an hour and a half and 1500 songs were added to my new laptop! Now I can stop syncing with my old one and just use the new one to sync while I add the rest from the old one the old fashioned way!

  121. Kellery:

    Added note – iPod is 8GB, used the Beta version as I’m on Vista and the original program was closing out. Just save it in your iTunes music folder then “Add Folder” in iTunes. Then, change your settings to “Organize Music Folder” and everything will be sorted and named properly (not just in iTunes but the actual files themselves will revert to their proper names and not the random letters). Anyway, that’s redundant I’m sure but helpful if you skipped through the comments I guess :-D

  122. jimjam8994:


  123. Marie:

    I didn’t think this was working right but I found my problem. For those having problems with iTunes_Control/Music not being in the first list. Go down to var/mobile/itunes_control/music.

    Great program!

  124. GypsyTexan:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I’ve spent hours trying to figure out how I could get *my* legit, purchased music (CDs that were imported into iTunes and subsequently loaded onto my new iPod Touch) copied to *my* 2nd PC! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  125. dee:

    this worked great for my iPod touch 2nd gen. :) thanks for posting this

  126. Tiaa:

    I have a jailbroken Touch 2G…

    in iPhone browser, it doesnt show an itunes_control folder!!!
    What do I do?

  127. will:

    just want to say thankyou!!!
    ps. i was having the same problems as “marie” but i followed her/his directions and it worked.

  128. Ashton:

    Windows 7 64 bit, 2nd G 8 GB.. works a treat… EPIC!! ….. thanx hard!!

  129. Mark:

    Great info! Thank you. I always use this iPhone/iTouch/iPod to Computer Transfer to help.It helps me to transfer my songs/videos/photos from ipod to my computer directly and safely.It works well for me too.

  130. ipod to pc transfer:

    yeah! we owe you big one for this. some other time can you teach us about “ipod to pc transfer” will you please? thanks!

  131. nick:

    this workes thank you

  132. iklln6:

    This is an old post, and this might have been said already, but I want to confirm that this method DOES work with the newest iPod touch with iOS4 initiated for Mac

    Thank you very much for this info! It was a snap copying the music folder to the desktop, then adding that folder to iTunes on my Windows machine.

  133. guatemalan chick:

    you rock man!
    all the good karma for your generosity ;)

  134. jill:

    Thanks so much. xo
    I still had some difficulties getting the proper names for music files, tried downloading several different ways but about 100 out of 1500 files dint recover original names… I can live with that:) Just glad I got my music of Ipod to new computer after old PC crashed…

  135. jill:


  136. jill:

    didn’t *off :)

  137. romana:

    Great info, iphonebrowser worked perfectly for me. Thank you!

  138. ninja:

    u fucking champ!

  139. micheal:

    Thanks .. its a good program but i found a program helped me much more in adding, deleting, coping photos and audio between ipod and my laptop its name is

    (ipod manager) and it’s available here

  140. Mark:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had loads of never to be found again singles and live mp3s on my iphone and my comp crashed! Then the phone is going to hell! uhg i have been living without a backlight, vibrator and a broken screen for months now! That is untill I found your note!! Apple store people were useless! THANK YOU! THANK You. Thank You…… :D

  141. Mark:

    now any tricks for harddrive data recovery???? :) lol

  142. Aydan:

    Great program thanks a lot.

    As well to the people wanting to download songs to a jb ipod/iphone.

    You want to install Dtunes to download and play songs on your ipod.

    Mxtube to download and play youtube videos.

    Hope that helps.

  143. Jim:

    Try this
    I worked like a charm for me

  144. Hayles:

    Thankyou so much, this has been a saviour!!
    I am not very technologically savvy but the instruction were fantastic, worked a treat first time – just copying into itunes now and then onto my external hard drive so that this won’t happen again!!

  145. Dee:

    hey guys this is awesome thanks!

  146. Ronnie:

    this so great! i have tried so many things and thi is the only way worked! thank you so much!

  147. Amanda:

    Worked great on my non jailbroken 40gig itouch. Takes time to do it manually, but it’s fine by me. I also don’t care about file names(and I used to just copy/paste the music data on my external) so this is the perfect FREE solution to Apple’s tyranny. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  148. Brooke:

    Oh my gosh. Thank you sooooo much !!!
    Have been looking everywhere, trying to figure out how to get my music off my iPod and back onto my computer. This was stress free !!
    And figured out where to find where the back up files got to.
    Thanks again heaps and heaps and heaps !!!!!

  149. Anne McInnes:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Laptop crashed and needed to be repaired thought I had lost all my music but thanx to you I managed to download music from iphone to repaired laptop without losing even one track. Thanx again

  150. CAM:

    Thank you so much! After adding my music back into my itunes library, some songs are still showing up as having weird titles… but thank you, thank you again for this info. I also now have a backup on my pc for the songs on my ipod touch.

  151. Jeff:


    Thank you. Worked like a charm.

  152. Koda:

    Thank you so much for this!
    I searched everywhere trying to find a solution. The only snag I had with this was downloading iPhoneBrowser from google code. It kept saying there was an error when installing. So I went and downloaded iPhoneBrowser from a torrent and it installed fine and worked perfectly. Thanks for the help =)

  153. Daniel:

    Thanks a lot. A lot of people will have a long time searching for a free solution. This is the best.

  154. jarrah:

    hey it will only let me save them one at a time i have nearly 2000 songs is there a quicker way?? thankyou!!

  155. Sam:

    Works great. Thanks.

  156. Brandy:

    how do you knwo when it is done? on my itunes screen it pops up with sync the music- entire music library or selected playlists, etc. I have had the program up now for like 3 hours.

  157. David:

    cant get this to work click save files pick the folder where i want them to go click save. Takes about 2 hours to finish when it finishes go to the folder where i said to save them and there is no files there any ideas on what i have done wrong

  158. Rachel:

    When I push the link to download, there’s no button or anything to download it, how do I do it?

  159. Rachel:

    When I try to open iPhoneBrowser, it says “an error has occurred during load” and won’t go any farther, what do I do?

  160. Tunde:

    This is a fantastic program. When I downloaded and installed it, it was a breeze and there was nothing to it. Once I opened the application and went through the process, it was a no brainer. I selected the folder I wanted to save it to and within 2 hours it was done. Checking the folder, the tracks were saved in some weird names so I opened up my iTunes and selected File, Add Folder to Library, and that did the trick as all my songs came up with the original names they were saved as.

    Is it possible to upgrade the program to allow pictures to be downloaded as well?

  161. Orangegroves:

    Works awesome, saved me from having to re-purchase 1400+ songs. It works with photos also. I found my photos in the DCMI -> 100Apple folder. Select the folder and right click “Save Folder In” option and select where you want them saved on your computer. Watch the pics transfer to your computer. (Make sure you the files are .JPG in the folder, there is another folder under Photo Data -> 100Apple which holds .BTH and .THM files. This IS NOT the correct files.)

    Only “issue”, and I wouldn’t even call it an issue. If you connect your iPhone/iTouch up and it asks you if you want to transfer your recently purhcased songs to your new iTunes, and you say yes, and then you use iphonebroswer, you will end up with 2 copies of the songs it transferd with the “Recently Purchased” tansfer. Then you have to spend some time deleting the duplicate. Again not really even an issue considering.

  162. Brie:

    I really want to try this out…. on the free installation one. After you click on the iPhone browser link, what do you click? PLEASE HELP!

  163. Jeanette:

    The backup folder is easily found if you click functions then view back up files. You have to display the hidden folders as well. For me it was users-me-AppData-Local-Cranium-iPhoneBrowser and then you’ll see the folder. Hope this helps!

  164. Sara:

    This worked graet! Thanks so much.

  165. Sara:

    My apologies, that should be great*.

  166. Arica:

    OMG! I thank you sooo much! I had so much trouble since i changed my hard drive and my itunes got messed up! This saved me!

  167. Chris:

    Hey I appreciate it alot..In the process of backing up the music on my iphone. Had an itunes error saying that my iphone wasnt synced into THAT itunes and in order to sync it to manage my music manually itunes would have to erase everything on my phone. Went searching for hours till’ i found your method.Thanks a million!

  168. Daniel:

    Thanks for the info! it was a great help. The program was a bit slow in the transfer but def got the job done :)

  169. Dave:

    Thanks so much. The hard drive containing the originals of my music got messed up and needed a way to get my music files back. Worked excellently on my non-jailbroken ipod touch.

  170. Britt:


  171. dude:

    omg best thing ever i was gona hack my ipod 1st gen lolz to iOS4 which took me awhile to figure out but im in luck cuz now my dubstep will stay with me

  172. Lucy:

    Thank you so much! :)

  173. Anne:

    Yes Mark, it certainly appears to be the case. I know someone who has done this too and it won’t work for them either! drm removal

  174. Big Rich:

    You are a saint!!!

  175. Bruce Kate:

    The question about how to get music off an iPod or iPhone in windows is frequently asked by people. However, iTunes is only a single-lane road. That’s to say, using iTunes can only transfer files from PC to iPod. iPhone 5 to computer Transfer can transfer music from iPod, iPhone to PC. It supports Windows OS completely.

  176. Polly:

    Finally! Thank you so much, a solution that was accessible and successful!! But it does take a long time :)

  177. Rempe:

    fantastic submit, very informative. I’m wondering why the opposite specialists of this sector don’t notice this. You must continue your writing. I’m sure, you have a huge readers’ base already!

  178. John:

    I have a problem. I deleted the files at the location described above(iTunes_control/media) because I had duplicate songs on my iPod. The problem is that the music still shows up on the music app, but they don’t play. How do I permanently delete these without the use of iTunes because i currently can’t connect to iTunes.

  179. Sharee:

    Thank you so much, worked great on my 2nd gen iTouch. In order to unscramble the names of your files, there’s a tutorial here:

    Start at step 3. Move all the music files into one folder (a bit of a pain, yeah) and make sure all your music in iTunes is deleted [don't worry - it will come back when you follow these steps]. Then follow steps 1-5.

  180. Sadartha:

    I was suggested this blog via my cousin. I am no longer sure whether this publish is written by him as nobody else realize such exact about my problem. You are amazing! Thanks!

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