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September 10, 2008

Apple_iPhone-150 There are  hundreds of free applications available for the iPhone. And while it’s great there are so many free apps available, some of these applications are a waste of time. To guide you in choosing which applications you should install on your iPhone, we’ve selected what we think are the best top 40.

To install these applications, just access the iTunes App Store from your iPhone, search for the application name, and then tap on the “install” button to begin installing the application to your iPhone.

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Checklist – this is a simple application that lets you note down important and unimportant tasks. It offers a clean and intuitive interface.

reQall – another simple application that reminds you about what you need to remember. Allows text, voice, IM, email or calendar entry reminders. Useful for creating to-do lists, shopping lists and visual reminders.

Zenbi List – Another great to-do application which even lets you share with other iPhone users. You can also edit your lists from your PC’s web browser aside from your iPhone.

Funambol – keeps your contacts synchronized with your address books, offering a better user interface and feedback mechanism than what comes as standard with the iPhone.

TouchCalc – although the iPhone and iPod Touch comes with a built-in calculator, TouchCalc offers advanced functions such as scientific mode, bit/integer mode and statistics mode. Suits the needs of students.

SugarSync – lets you synchronize your iPhone with your PCs or Macs, providing instant access to your PC files. The best part is is that any changes you make to your files on your desktops, are quickly reflected when you access them remotely using your iPhone.

EasyTask Manager – a good GTD application that also offers synchronization feature between your iPhone and multiple computers. It features an easy-to-use and simple interface.

LockBox – Yes, we all need a nifty application like this for storing sensitive information. This application lets you store sensitive credit card details, bank accounts passwords and other information that we need to remember and at the same time protect from other people. The application provides encryption technology through a user-specific secret code.

Cards – For users who maintain multiple credit cards or bank cards in their wallet, this application will definitely be useful. It lets you store credit card information in an AES-256 bit encryption.

Klick – A useful app for Flickr fans and users, lets you connect yo your Flickr account to share photos, browse contacts’ photos,  and even locate photos near your location on a map.

eReader - If you don’t want to fork out cash for an Amazon Kindle, this application could be the next best thing. The new version lets you go to a specific page, change font sizes, and includes a back button for links, among other useful navigation features.

IM+ - Although there are other good IM applications for the iPhone, IM+ is definitely  my choice because of its simple and clean interface and integration with major IM clients including, Yahoo, MSN, Google, MySpace, Jabber, ICQ, iChat, and AIM.

Tumble – Tumblr users would definitely hate us if we don’t include their iPhone applications on this list. But even without that threat, we can still say that Tumble is indeed a pretty useful application. It offers five ways to post on your Tumblr account, via Text, Photo, Quote, Link and Chat.

LifeCast - Everybody seems to be into web-based lifecasting today, so it is natural that the iPhone also has its own lifecasting application. This app lets you create multiple lifecasts, as well connect multiple blogs to your account.

InstaPaper – This app lets you save web pages for reading later on. This would definitely be useful for iPhone users who don’t want to minimise data carrier costs when browsing the web using their iPhone.

WordPress – A robust and yet simple app for updating your WordPress-powered blogs, whether for creating a new post or editing one that’s already been published.

SodaSnap Postcards – Lets you create electronic postcards from snapshots you take using your iPhone’s camera. You can also tag these postcards before sharing them with your iPhone contacts.

TapTap Revenge – Yes this is a game, but hey, who says a mobile game can’t be useful? Tap Tap Revenge would certainly be of use while killing time, waiting for a bus ride, or when waiting for a meeting. A bit of caution though, don’t play this game before going to bed. Chances are you won’t go to bed until very late.

Instamapper GPS Tracker – Offers free real-time location tracking, location-sharing and recording of “tracks” for later analysis. Lets you track your iPhone on Google Maps,  allowing you to record 100,000 positions.

Shozu - Supporting 40 social networking and online content sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Blogger and many more, Shozu lets you stay connected with all your online contacts from the convenience of your iPhone. You can post photos, read and reply to comments, update your status and much more.

Fast Contacts – If you find the iPhone’s default Contacts utility a tad boring, then you might want to consider installing this app. Touted as Contacts on steroids, it lets you organize your iPhone contacts in ways that you never imagined could be possible.

LinkedIn - The king of business social networking, LinkedIn, heeded the call of the iPhone and released this app. You can do many of the things you can do the web-based LinkedIn , on this app for your iPhone.

Exposure - This is one of the first applications I installed in my iPhone. It gives you access to your Flickr account via your iPhone. You can pretty much do the same things that you can in your web-based Flickr account.

miGhtyDocs - A little application that caches your Google documents to your iPhone’s memory so you can read them even if you are not connected to the internet.

Bookmarks - Another simple, yet usefiul application for those who are still using Delicious bookmarks. It lets you access those bookmarks from your iPhone.

Evernote – This has been one of the most hyped iPhone apps. The idea behind Evernote is that it allows you capture, store and search information (ie make notes) easily using a variety of devices. It’s definitely a great application for remembering practically everything that needs to be remembered.

Personal Assistant – Lets you manage all your personal accounts, from Bloomberg, American Express, Chase, Citibank, Bank of America and many more. Features a leek-looking interface, real logos representing all supported accounts.

NY Traffic Cam – Lets you access hundreds of live traffic cameras in New York. Definitely a great application to have if you live in New York or have plans of doing business there.

TypePad - Another useful blogging application for the iPhone if you maintain a TypePad-hosted blog. It lets you create new blog posts, post photos and update your friends through the iPhone whenever you update your TypePad blog.

Upcoming – Helps you remember your contacts birthdays and hence enables you to greet them on their special day.,not a belated or advance greeting, but a greeting on the exact birthday.

Tanja SOS Flashlight – Allows you to use your iPhone as a flashlight, or to blink an SOS signal. Yes, we know it’s a ridiculous idea to use the iPhone for flashing SOS signals, but heck, you never know when it might come in handy.

iChoose - How many times have we been indecisive about making a decision? iChoose helps you make a decision especially in situations when right or wrong is of equal weight. It’s the modern day equivalent of tossing a coin or rolling a dice to arrive at a decision.

TwitterVision - One of several applications that bring the Twitter experience to the iPhone. This one however offers a unique and fun way of looking at Twitter posts through Twitter’s public timeline, via geo-maps. From the maps of Twitter posts, you can follow a link and a Twitter member by simply tapping on the links.

Bloomberg – This application may not ne one of those that gets too much publicity, but that doesn’t mean that it is not a useful application. On the contrary it is one of the most useful and even one of the best applications for the iPhone. The feeds keep you up-to-date with business news, including stock reports.

New York Times – Next to Bloomberg, NYT’s iPhone application is one of the most useful sources of up-to-date news and information on your iPhone. It lets you access the latest news and photos, customise your news category display, and read articles even when you are offline.

BookSearch – Here’s another underated iPhone application. It’s is a very usefu search application that lets you search for book information, and also allows you to order books online from CampusBooks4less.

AIM - AOL’s famous instant messaging has also made it to the iPhone as a native app. If you’re a die-hard AIM user, you would definitely want to install this feature-rich application onto your iPhone.

Facebook – This app allows you to take your Facebook world with you when you’re out and about. Described by some as one of the best free apps available for the iPhone, Facebook fans won’t be disappointed.

MySpace – Like the Facebook equivalent, this app allows MySpace fans to stay connected with their MySpace friends when they’re out and about. A must have app for MySpace fans.

Twitterific - If not for the occasional ads that appear when you are using it, this application is the next best thing to the web-version of Twitter. Allows you to both read and publish posts or “tweets” to the Twitter community website.

If you have a favourite iPhone app that we haven’t included in this list, feel free to mention it in the comments.

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