Top 40 best, free iPhone and iPod Touch games

January 20, 2009

Top 40 best, free iPhone and iPod Touch games Looking for free iPhone or iPod Touch games? In this article we present what we think are the 40 most interesting, entertaining, and playable games for your iPhone or iPod Touch that you can download for free. Enjoy.

To install these games on your iPhone or Touch, go to the iTunes App Store from on the main screen by clicking on the “App Store” icon, search for the name of the game you’d like to install, and then tap on the “install” button to begin the installation process. It’s easy!

Games are in alphabetical order.

Aero Guitar Free – This iPhone/iPod Touch version of the popular console game Aero Guitar is packed with fun features and gameplay. Tap, flick, or shake you iPhone into becoming the best Air guitar player. It lets you compete with other Aero Guitar player through an online ranking system.

Audi A4 Driving Challenge – The game is all about precision and timing as you manoeuvre the car using the iPhone or iPod Touch’s accelerometer through a course of cones. It features three achievements per level, as well as cool unlockable cars.

Billiards Lite – This game features 3D animation and real-life physics. It will certainly earn the interest of loyal virtual pool players. It features different billiard games that you can play on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can play on your own or challenge a friend via the Internet.

BlackBeard Assault Lite – This is a unique game, which can hook you into hours of play. The object is to remove a group of similar balls as they travel along a path. You can remove a group of three balls or more when you match them and fire shots to remove the balls.

Brain Tuner – What better way to tune up your brain than with a daily dose of simple to complex mathematical problems? Brain Tuner can be pretty addictive.

Bubble Bang Lite – This free version of Bubble Bang is your typical bubble-bursting game. The object is pretty straightforward: prevent the bubbles from stacking up on your iPhone screen by bursting a string of bubbles adjacent to each other. It’s a simple game and yet can get addicting. Works with the iPod Touch too.

Cannon Challenge – This also one of the first games I downloaded for my iPhone. Despite being a simple cannon shooting game, you might find yourself playing it again and again. You use elevation and velocity to successfully blow away targets. The levels get more difficult as you complete one level after another.

Chess O – what can we say? We all need a good game of chess once in a while. Thanks to this iPhone game, we can now play chess anytime, anywhere even without a real-life opponent. It’s got tons of features despite being a free iPhone app including many levels of gameplay, ECO openings, board customization, standard time control and much more.

Chocolate Shop Frenzy Free – This time management and puzzle adventure game might make you a chocoholic. The game lets you run a chocolate shop business where your role is to stay in business for a year. The free version only lets you play through the first month of operations. You will have to purchase the game for more.

Crazy Penguin Catapult – If you love real-life penguins, you will certainly appreciate this fun game. Your task is to help the main character – a penguin – win back Antarctica. It’s an arcade type of adventure game, which has several nifty features including power-up, maps, and more with the full version.

Crystal Defenders Lite – Finally, a Final Fantasy game for the iPhone brought to us by none other than Square Enix. This lite version serves as an introduction to the full version wherein you deploy characters with specific jobs much like in the Playstation version. The game features great musical scoring, which I hope extends to the full version. I’m downloading the full version right now as this lite version left me hungry for more.

Dactyl – Another addicting game that you will surely keep playing. The game is pretty simple. Using the dexterity of your fingers and the iPhone or iPod Touch screen interface, you need to diffuse bombs before they blow up. The more bombs you diffuse the higher your score will be.

Darts – Like Chess, we also need to have our dose of this classic game. It is rendered pretty well in 3D and features a touch-based control. You’ll face A.I opponents with three skill levels. You can also listen to your iPod’s music while playing the game.

Done Drinking – This entertaining game lets you simulate how it feels to be drunk even if you haven’t sipped a drink. The game is pretty simple yet fun. All you have to do is guide your character along a straight line. If he falls somewhere along the way, game is over. How do you do it? Using the iPhone’s accelerometer of course.

Fish Tycoon Lite – This is not a mobile phone fishing game but rather a virtual pet game for your iPhone. Instead of the usual pet dog in most virtual games, Fish Tycoon Lite gives you the chance to take care of seemingly real fish. You can purchase supplies, breed and feed your fish. The game moves on even when your iPhone is turned off.

Free Hangman – This is your classic puzzle word game ported for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It lets you play solo or against another player. The game is ad supported though, so if you’re easily annoyed by ads, you may opt to get the paid version.

Free Word Wrap – In this ad-supported version of the game Word Wrap players strive to find as many correct words as possible from the letters on the screen. It can be pretty difficult at first, but when you get the hang of it, this word game could take many hours of your time.

Funky Punch Freestyle – This is one of the first games I installed on my iPhone 3G. Like title suggests, this is funky fighting game featuring lots of cool graphics and animation in a pseudo-3D fighting arena. It’s overly colorful and fully utilizes the iPhone’s graphics engine. I’m telling you, once you played this lite version, you will want to download the full version.

iBasketball – When I first played this game on my iPhone, I thought it was a pretty simple basketball game. But as soon as I got the hang of flicking the iPhone to successfully shoot the ball, I was hooked. I can vouch for the fact htat this game is pretty addicting.

Jelly Car – This is a cool driving game for your iPhone and iPod Touch. But the car that you have to drive is not your usual car. Instead you get to drive a squishy car through a squishy world. It features cool soft-body physics, simple touch and tilt controls, 23 game levels, an option to listen to music while playing the game, and more.

KamiCrazy Lite – Featuring smooth animation, stylized graphic and eight levels of gameplay, KamiCrazy Lite is a fun app for your iPhone or iPod Touch. This game is an action-puzzle game with a bit platform features. Flick, Push, Nudge, and Swing the KamiCrazy soldiers into safety while at the same time avoiding the hazards the face them along the way.

Labyrinth Lite Edition – This simple maze game lets you control a steel ball through a wooden labyrinth to reach the end hole. Simple yet addicting. The game works for both your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Live Poker – I’m not really fond of playing poker the card game. But I do like the iPhone version. This game features 1,000 chips added to your account every day you play, live play via WiFi or 3G, easy-to-learn gameplay, and a bonus feature which lets you buy beers for your table to celebrate a great hand.

Marble Mash – This is one of the many iPhone games that make use of the accelerometer. This labyrinth-like game offers a futuristic setting and a harder setting than the classic game Labyrinth.

MazeFinger - Graphics-wise, this game definitely has a lot to brag about. The object is to pass through a series of mazes before your energy runs out, using your fingers. It features various well-executed special effects, 200 levels composed of 1,000 unique mazes.

National Geographic Canon Challenge: Herod’s Lost Tomb Lite – Want to play Indie or Lara from your iPhone? Explore environments from the National Geographic TV special to find hidden items and reveal the lost grave of Herod.

Pac-Man Lite – What more can say? It’s everybody’s favorite video game character. This free version lets you play the first level of the famous Pac-Man game.

Reign of Swords Free – This award-winning strategy game proves that the iPhone can very well be a portable gaming device. With an interesting storyline and outstanding turn-based, strategy gameplay, fans of RPG Strategy game would definitely want to have this game on their iPhone. The free version gives access to the first of the eight kingdoms available in the paid version. This free version is good introduction to the game.

RhinoBall – If you’ve watched Bolt, you know who and what Rhino is. This game, inspired by the movie Bolt, has players guide Rhino the hamster through city streets to reach Bolt. It uses the iPhone and iPod Touch accelerometer to control Rhino’s movement. If you like the movie, you would love this iPhone game.

Rick Rocketson Free -This free version offers five levels of game and two – a laser and grenades. You’ll fight space hedgehogs that have taken over the planet Omicron Nebula. It’s similar to Rocketman Dash and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Scramboni – This is a multiplayer online game that requires you unscramble words by clicking on tiles. Earn points for getting the words correctly and quickly. The higher the level, the more difficult puzzles become.

Shake and Spell - Ever played a game of Word Factory? Well this is the iPhone version. Sort of. Shake off your iPhone to reveal a 4×4 grid of letter blocks, then start arranging those letters to form as many words as you can before the time runs out. Play with your friends and master the art of scrambling letters.

Sol Free Solitaire – This classic Solitaire game that we used to play on our lowly Windows PC is now an iPhone/iPod Touch game. It was voted as one of iTunes best free games for 2008 and was nominated as best free game in the bestappever awards. This free version of the game features easy-to-read screens, unlimited undo, timer, scoring and more.

Space DeadBeef – This is a full shooting game for the iPhone. All you need to do is to tap on the image of your enemies and you will automatically shoot them into oblivion.

Tap Defense – This Tower Defense strategy game was nominated for the bestappever 2008 awards. It’s not really surprising since the game offers good long hours of playtime with its 42 levels, six tower types, seven enemy types and six different game modes. You can also challenge your friends.

Tap Tap Revenge – This is the first game I installed on my iPhone and it made me want to download more. Of course, we don’t have to tell you the object of this game. Just think Dance Dance Revolution and you have a pretty good idea how this game works. TTR is a very entertaining game. No wonder it is also one of the most popular free games for the iPhone.

Tic-Tac-Touch – This is your classic Tic-Tac-Toe game made available on your iPhone and iPod Touch. It features multiplayer gaming over Wi-Fi, EDGE or 3G, three game levels, score tracking and hours of fun.

Topple – Thanks to the release of another game by the developer, Topple has become a free app for the iPhone. This game is certainly addicting and will keep you hooked for all eight levels, It’s a stacking game that utilizes the iPhone’s touchscreen and tilt mechanism to stack some cool looking, funny and interactive blocks.

Touch Hockey FS5 – Want to play air hockey on your iPhone? Then, by all means download this game. It features a 60fps graphics engine, which provides smooth animations and responsiveness, a 3D rendering of a real-time mallet, nine game levels and four game length settings.

WordPops Lite – A combination of Tetris and Scrabble, the game’s objective is to stop bubbles containing different letters from filling up your screen. You need to pop the bubbles by forming words. The longer the words, the more points.

If you have a favorite iPhone or Touch game that we’ve missed, feel free to add it to the comments.

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  3. Thea:

    Thanks for the list of free games, very useful for a novice ipod touch user (who has no money left after buying it…!) Especially love brain tuner, thanks!

  4. mauro lion:

    cool games

  5. leilani:

    i think expando should be included in this list of free apps. Expando is incredibly addicting

  6. Sergej:

    Nice only you mesed some good games i found look at this one Tap war,zombie attack free,wooden labyrinth 3d. They are good aswell.

  7. hdtv antenna:

    Crystal Defenders and Tap Defense are my two favorites on this list. I agree with Sergej… definitely try out Zombie Attack. That one is pretty fun. If anyone is a fan of the first two games and has about $5, then definitely check out Field Runners. Think it’s on sale right now, too. Got a buck? Try out Flight Control.

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  11. mike:

    the best game for ipod touch is payback lite it is simler to gta(grade theft auto) exsepted crapy grafics…..:P

    ps. i know i spelled thing rong

  12. Free Games:

    The Cannon Challenge game is pretty cool. I’ve spent a good amount of time playing that one!!

  13. Awesomegames:

    Pocket Tanks, very cool and two player.

    Ishoot, is not as cool, but if you have a lot of friends you can all play against each other…

  14. abbie:

    snail mail is awesome! u have to try it !

  15. leroy:

    yeh great game cube try it great shoot me up game

  16. Cameran:

    HEY EVERYONE, if you like Tap Defense (which you should), you’ve gotta get Field Runners. It’s $4, but it’s the single most addicting video game I’ve ever played in my ENTIRE LIFE

  17. mrlasagna:

    u peoples r forgetting crash kart! and cube runner! and falling balls! and paper toss! eejits!

  18. Kim:

    Is tetris and bejeweled free?

  19. Cola:

    You have got to play lemondade tycoonn vsoooooo funnn!

  20. blahhala:

    You have to try iTunnel 3D Lite, a fast paced action category game. I can’t put it down.

  21. Tytu:

    U should play cube runner

  22. TEEHEE:

    Pandora box is good. it’s free and it notifies you when new apps go on sale (more free apps…) and you can add certain apps to your wishlisy. SO MUCH FUN!!
    and also girl wars
    business tycoon lite
    fish tycoon lite
    lemonade tycoon lite
    all the papi games like papi jump and papi river
    epic fail
    f my life
    rockstars live!
    i woopie (lets you download youtube videos . you dont have to buy music videos r songs on ur ipod any more haha)
    bubble wrap

    haha hope this helps some of those are extremely entertaining!!!
    AND ALL FREE!!!!!

  23. caroline[::

    I loooove virtual villagers 2 and new york nights: success in the city. they’re both simulation games and you have to solve puzzles with the people. they’re my two favorite games[:

  24. Cheryl:

    I love Pyramid Solitaire

  25. :):

    I like “Zombieville Usa lite.” its a fun, enjoyable game where your aim is to get through heaps of levels killing zombies, collecting money and spending that money on even better guns!

  26. dylan:

    falling balls and jelly car are my 2 favourite.

  27. Robii (::

    great list thanks!! but another really addicting and fun game is oven break!!!

  28. Nathan Margolis:

    Zenonia is the best RPG game I have played on my itouch yet. I find the story line to be very good, if limited and the overall gameplay to be fantastic. RPG lovers, this is a definite must. At least try the free version.

  29. Alia Serry:

    hey do you know where I can download those???

  30. nancy:

    sally’s spa, need for speed is awesome!!..Shrek kart is good…diner dash, cake mania,

  31. os:


  32. Ruby:

    bubble wrap iglow stick monkey kickoff hoopslite toki tori scratchies idoodle2(lite) Line up PAPER TOSS unblock me FREE
    backgrounds… skype Tic Tac free bounce down facegoo makeover madness monkey flight ping pong action bowling waterslide fuzz friend loveOmatic flickApop
    white noise yo mamma LITE magic coke bottle pac man THESE ARE ALL FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. bertdertutirseo:

    ok guys, one of the funnest, most addicting apps is gangstar, check it out, it is awsome. it is like gta for ipod touch

  34. Gamer:

    Eliminate Pro should definately be on this list! (despite the name ‘Pro’ it is free.)

  35. Moon River:

    Why not made a customized ringtone for your christmas gift iPhone.
    Just share a guide about How to make iPhone Ringtone on Mac

  36. new moon 1998:

    rollercoaster rush

  37. Jonathan Novak:

    What about “Trace” and “Topple 2+”? Those are awesome! Topple 2 costs money, but the same exact game with a plus sign in the name is free!

  38. Amber:

    Ok, out of all of these, I have only heard of Tap Tap Revenge! Comeone this list can’t be right. What about some of the Donut Games and Cube Runner? There are a lot of great games that are not listed.

  39. eeddaM:

    THE SIMPLEST. FUNNEST game ever is sheep
    its so freakin fun!!!!!!!!!!

  40. ipod touch addict:

    rat on a scooter not free but get rat on the run wich is free , with a bonus game on on a scooter!!

    shrek kart
    and bubblesnap are too :)

  41. ipod touch addict:

    )left hand)

    i tricked ALL of my friends that it was a real x-ray! so cool! and free!

  42. Esa:

    U forgot the best games all of those are like borin!!

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  46. MissSporty:

    Ugh…U forgot the good games11

  47. Biz:

    For chess, “Glaurung”. It’s free, of course. I’m rated about 2000 elo and it kicks my butt every time. I looked at a lot of other apps for chess, but this one *appears* to be the best.

  48. Gavan:

    You HAVE to add cartoon wars.

    Best app evar

  49. This sucks:

    ALL the games listed SUCK…. if u’re looking for good advice for games, dont even look here ======================================================

  50. Club Penguin Cheats:

    That one is pretty fun. If anyone is a fan of the first two games and has about $5, then definitely check out Field Runners. Think it’s on sale right now, too. Got a buck? Try out Flight Control.

  51. mymi:

    when u say free games for ipod touch, do u mean full version games? i downloaded some games and it stops because it states that i need to buy the full version.. what do i do?

  52. Titus:

    physics, logic games

    try – a very interesting game

  53. What so mittens taste like:

    Eliminate pro is the best free shooter their is

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  56. beezlebub:

    I’m suprised Super KO Boxing 2 isnt on there, its hard but very fun, JUST SAYIN

  57. chilaskanman:

    gangstar is one of the best games if your in2 grand theft auto

  58. sexyman:

    yo niggas suck my nuts. These games are ass. The are short as hell. Ya niggas need to go and get a job and get btter games

  59. stokesy:

    lets be honest we all know that papi jump is the best game on the itouch. :)

  60. Samasss:

    papi jump sucks dick compared to doodle jump its cheap 1 dollar and has good graphics and great gameplay

  61. Andy:

    I think that there should be more porn in this i mean seriously were is the fucking girls the are the object of life like what the fuck else are we suposed to do in life so get some fucking porn in this list!!!!

  62. Anonymous:

    U got that right

  63. chickendoc:

    Thankyou for your ideas. Screw you to all of the small minded idiots that don’t realise that every one has different taste. Ragdoll blaster light! enjoy.

  64. David:

    Gangster West coast hustler is a great game! it is five dollars but well worth it, and if you are worried it is mature or bad its only killing people and hardly bloody

  65. me:

    call of duty zombies

  66. Erick:

    ELIMANATE! elimanate is an awsome game, the only bad part is its only fun when its connected to the internet

  67. lol:

    Try Doodle Jump

  68. Supseb:

    Great job dude, got me 5 new apps.

  69. MAE:

    I agree with “me”, but no cube runner? possibly the most addicting game out there.

  70. SupMan:

    What about the Assasin’s Creed Lite??

  71. Nadine:

    Thanks a thousand times for this great list ! :)

  72. kade:

    you 4 got the best game! what’s wrong? SHOPING CART HERO is the best game EVER! it’s $0.99! i’ve been playing this game 4 over 80 DAYS! it’s so awesome! REALLY!

  73. PrincessMaddi:

    That is a realy great list i hav an ipod touch and i hav all of the games on the list i luv aero drum and guitar they are the best games eva!!!!LOL

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  77. Olivia:

    All these apps sound really good, but doodle jump is the best game out of the WHOLE apps store! If u don’t have it GET. IT.NOW!.

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    Cool! great work! tks a million!
    here i’d like to add some featured free iPad Games:
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  80. the pie and dog master:

    i like pie do you i also like pies and dogs:)

  81. khakamouth:

    Hi, i’m a novice Ipod/phone user, so can u guyz help me a littlebit;
    where can I get games FREE without buying them from applestore? (TouchGrind looks awesome, I want it!)

  82. gurveer:

    some good games are paper toss,
    tap tap revenge 3,lite bike,baby scratch you need 32 gb ear phones with the michrophone in them,x-plane trainer,fall down.papi jump,papi river, red ball,2xlsupercross,maze finger,trace,cube runner
    thats it click on this for ausem ipodtouch game video,s if yuo like please reply back to thanks

  83. billy:

    my fav. apps are cupakes! and More Toast! they’re amazing! only 59p each! =)=):):):)

  84. LeeLeeChan:

    I must inform you of a brilliant app called Chop Chop Ninja. It is SO TOTALY FREAKIN AWESOME!! Once you think youv completed it theres another action packed level to go! The MOST unexpected of things happen!!

  85. trevor:

    just get a fucking xbox
    and y the fuck would any1 go on this my 5 year brother showed me this
    just buy modern warfare 2 on xbox or playstation

  86. JellyCarFan!!!:

    i just love jelly car but here’s another great game!
    JELLY CAR 2!!!!! ok,i know, the game is not free… but it’s only 99 cents… and it’s totaly worth it!!!
    there are many new levels!!! classic mode: easy,normal, and hard. also they added 3 new features!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! such as…FACTORY…where you have to put jelly parts into there right place..
    then LONG JUMP!!! WHERE THere are 3 levels you go through tring to go the farthst and beat th record…LAST BUT NOT LEAST….CUSTOM!!! it’s the best!!! you get to chage your car and it’s color and.. CREATE YOUR OWN JELLY WORLD…i mean you get to make your own classic stage and then play it!!!! it’s amazing!one more thing… they also added BALLOONS AND STICKY TIRES!!!! ballons let you float in the classic mode and you can even add them in custom mode! sticky tires let you drive up walls…and yes, they are in classic and custome mode!!! it’s all you can want for jelly car!!! so go get your jelly on and play this game!!!!

    -jelly car fan!!!
    (p.s. hope i helped!!!)

  87. jellyfan2:

    DUDE YOU ARE RIGHT!!!! jelly car 2 is au’som… if u dont lik dis game then u…u must be crazE(crazy…da) well everyone should check out jelly car fan’s message…TOTALLY!
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    u forgot X2 FOOTBALL, its immense

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    OMG I’m getting one today or tomorrow. =D awesome.!

  91. Jim:

    That’s a good list! Lots of good stuff there. I did a few myself that you guys might find interesting.

    The 20 Best Free iPhone Games/

    The 15 Best iPhone Games That Aren’t Free

    The 10 Best Free iPhone Travel Apps

    The 10 Best Free iPhone Apps

  92. Hello: and download iphone full games for free dude! I tried it !

  93. Elizabeth:

    I like doodle jump

  94. hwdkfhgs:

    another good game is max injury lite

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    AwesomeGames is so right! Pocket Tanks is an awesome game!!!! Nice list, it was helpful. keep making these! Their awesome!

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    Dactyl, Bubble Bang Lite, iBasketball are my fav games, Thanks again for pulling all the games in one place.

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    ps i also like potty racers

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  130. DGWPSXragon090:


    Then why the fuck are you on this website!?
    If youre just gonna go ‘just get a fukin xbox’
    Is this called xbox.blorge? no.

    Other than that, good list.

  131. Mouse:

    Try iKungFu pretty good game.

  132. maaz:

    pinfrog and maze finger also rock

  133. maaz:

    pinfrog is also awesone

    even maze finger

  134. Maaz:

    the most addictive is froggy jump

    might sound stupid but damn addicting

    maze finger is also good
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  140. medo:

    can you provide links to where I can find these apps :)

  141. Violette Monarch:

    Astonishing what you can find when roaming around the web.

  142. masterNV:

    i suggest kingdoms at war, very cool and extremely addictive

  143. yands:

    I prefer cartoon wars 2. Great graphics and hard to put down

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  145. Lauren:

    A couple of the best free games are Flipstones and Fuzzle!

  146. EmmaCrothers:

    This was great to look at i only got an ipod and really didnt know what games to get, the games i like best are :
    glow hockey
    Strike knight
    moron test
    parking mania
    paper toss
    tap zoo
    xmas tap zoo
    wheres wally hollywood
    unblock me
    tap town

    Hope these help a bit :D

  147. Ash:

    okk! love these gamess! but the one I like the mos and with a lot of rithym is tap tap 1, 2,3,4. they are soooo cool and addicting! you can also download up to 30 song per difficulty level

  148. liam:

    DUDE you forgot to put ANGRY BIRDS its an awesome game that you play by flicking birds into a castel and u have to destroy all the pigs its realy realy fun.

  149. Rachael:

    Cool apps! I got most of them from itunes :)

  150. snowy:

    i am soon going to have a ipod touch WOOP WOOP CANT WAIT :P <3

  151. IoU:

    i saw a comment or two about getting a PS3 or Xbox instead of the itouch. This is a very stupid idea. The itouch has really good graphic shooting games, such as call of duty black ops, really fast paced racing games with a huge variety of cars and very fun handling, in which you hold the device as a steering wheel and tilt it to turn; and many more games. the only difference is that the device is portable, cheaper, the games are cheaper(by about 10 times) and the gameplay with the device is a lot more fun since you get to turn left and right to aim at some ones head and shoot them, or turn the device like a steering wheel to turn the car.

  152. anthony:

    Hey yu know what is an awesome game BTD 4 you can get lite or full version, also death knight, angry birds is awesome, also Tap studio which yu get your on music and create taps for it then sometimes it gets published,surgeon xmas is pretty fun,Moto Mx Mayhem is also really fun, rock band is fun, light bike 2 to, Battle Bears is really fun but i recomend you get the full version becuse it has more levels, swords and sandals is fun nba elite 2k11 is fun,stick wars 2 is fun, paper glider is fun,Talking tom is funny app, also Cut the rope is fun and Mortal skies and those are my favorite apps and games for the ipod touch

  153. TJ:

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  154. Raphael:

    Hey guys, Karoshi is the best app

  155. Raphael:

    download , cut the rope , flick kick football , ninjump deluxe, ninja fruit, karoshi , zombiville , logic box, fragger and lightbike , i reccomend it

  156. Raphael:

    u need have installous , and cydia to do someting with ur itouch :\

  157. tory:

    another awesome game is pocket frogs!!!!!its really fun….and i reccomend u get it…its totally free!

  158. whome:

    Great list. About to go on a road trip so this will be useful.

  159. Emma:

    Omg thank you so much just got the ipod touch and i filed up all 10 pages straight away i noticed i didnt actually play any of the games so i deleted them all and started a fresh now i am always entertained by these apps and free games thanks so much xx

  160. helen:

    these games are so cool and they keep me entertained.

  161. jennifer:

    i think that unblock me free is the best game… lol

  162. Beau:

    There is no talking Tom !!!

  163. Irene:

    Great apps but you forgot to include some cool ones like
    1. Talking Tom
    2. Paper Toss
    3. Fruit Ninja
    4. Angry Birds
    5. Ragdoll Blaster

  164. Super Mario:

    LOL nice games, but you missed 3 of my favs!!!!! Overkill, Global War, and fruit ninja WTF????

  165. coolgames:

    a really fun game is Mega Jump you can pass levels and it fun it can also be a little addicting. So the main thing is buy that game and its free

  166. paccy:

    What about shadow runner

  167. ptrshn:

    Great list! You have a list for iPad too.

  168. chris:

    go on fruit ninja it is soooooo cool


  169. chris:


  170. jamie:

    plants vs. zombies should definetly be on that list. I love the game!! Stupid zombies is also a good game. (both plants vs. zombies and stupid zombies are rated 9+)

  171. Katie:

    Where is lyric legend! Its awesome!! And none of these are really the right for me. Im 13 and i see no apps i like here! Ive gotten and tried almost evry one of them and i dont like most.

  172. lizet:

    the best game ever invented is angry bird!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rock on little birdies:):):):)

  173. Leslie:

    Try zombie farm.. First game I got on my ipod its free th top hit on mine luv it

  174. Last Hope:

    sad, no glu’s game. sad. no gun bros, star blits, tower defence, strenches, heavey gunner and more!

  175. wedicah:

    these are not quite cool games plus all of them are freee

  176. jaden cooke:

    i love line runner and its really addicting and challenging at points deffinitly my favorite!!!

    1)Line runner
    2)Cut the rope
    3)jelly car

    Thanks and hoped i helped :)

  177. joe:

    i love this web site it tell you a lot about the game then the app did

  178. Sydney:

    Heya i’m for the primary time here. I came across this board and I in finding It truly helpful & it helped me out a lot. I am hoping to offer one thing back and help others such as you helped me.

  179. fifi is awsome!!!!!!:

    most of the games are good :)

  180. fifi:

    i cant work out what one the driving challange is coz i typed it in to the app store but loads of them came up!!:@

  181. brianna:

    temple run is so alwsome

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