Top 40 best iPhone optimized websites

March 12, 2009

Top 40 best iPhone optimized websitesLooking for websites that are designed to work with your iPhone’s screen. We’ve compiled a list of 40 useful and highly iPhone optimized sites that will enhance your online iPhone experience. They are listed in alphabetical order.

101 Cookbooks – This site lets users search for recipes, serving as a portal for the full 101 Cookbooks Web site.

Amazon – Amazon’s iPhone optimized site is sleek, fast loading and very useful. It gives you today’s deals and links to your Amazon account settings, as well as a quick search box for products.

Associated Press – This site gives you access to articles from the Associated Press including local news and high-res photos and videos.

Bank of America – This site was created to support BofA’s mobile banking service. It does just that. And it does it well.

CBS News – This site offers the latest breaking news, developing stories, and insights from the CBS news stream. It’s fast loading and sleek.

Dailymotion – Dailymotion’s iPhone optimized site lets you access the site’s videos through a Wi-Fi connection.

Digg – This site loads fast and fits perfectly on the iPhone screen. Its features include time-bound navigation and topical navigation of dugg items and, of course, it lets you digg it.

eBay – Like Amazon, eBay’s iPhone optimized site loads fast and offers the same functionality of the original Web site.

Facebook – Forget about the frequent crashes of Facebook’s Web site, this iPhone optimized version could well be the best social networking site out there. It truly brings the total Facebook experience to your iPhone.

Flickr – This is a great example of a site truly optimized for the iPhone. It takes advantage of the iPhone’s touch screen and accelerometer allowing users to manipulate, sort and enlarge Flickr photos.

Food Network – If you need a recipe quickly, this iPhone optimized site is your ultimate tool. The site also has a good collection of cooking videos that you can watch right on your iPhone.

Fox News – Fox News’ iPhone optimized site provides the latest Fox headlines while allowing you to search news archives and stream videos.

GetLeaflets – This site serves as a portal for iPhone formatted content and Web sites. It mimics the interface on your iPhone home screen, only this time you don’t need to load the apps.

GoMovies – This site provides movie schedules and theater information in a well formatted interface. It loads information fast, but you might encounter problems when going to the individual theater sites.

Google Calendar – This is a simple iPhone optimized version of Google’s online calendar service. When we say simple, we mean ultra-simple. It lets you quickly view or add calendar entries, but it would have been better if a Calendar view was included.

Google – What can we say? The Google mobile site fits well on the iPhone’s screen. The mobile site is as fast loading and as clean as original Google.

Hahlo – This is an iPhone optimized web client for Twitter. It recreates your Twitter profile and presents it on your iPhone in a sleek and intuitive way.

iGoogle – This iPhone optimized iGoogle site is better looking than its generic mobile platform site. It lets you display RSS feeds, and a slew of other iGoogle gadgets.

iPhlickr – This is a simple iPhone optimized site for browsing your Flickr photos.

iPhone Sports Portal – This is the ultimate sports portal for your iPhone. It offers scores and stats from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and more.

iPhoneTravel – This site is great for checking hotel bookings, flight schedules, rent-a-car services and other travel related information.

iRovr – Use your iPhone to blog, share photos, videos, music, and post bookmarks on iRover. Posting to blogs, uploading photos and videos are done through email.

iZoho – This site is a simplified Zoho online desktop interface, which provides access to Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show. It lets you edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations right from your phone.

Jajah – For Jajah users, this site gives you the JaJah dialpad for low-priced international calls.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn’s iPhone optimized site offers the basic LinkedIn functionality as the big site. Invite people into your network, or view folks already linked in.

LiveOntheGo – This site lets you search and order food to go from more than 300 restaurants in Southern California.

Livescore – This site is a must for soccer fans; it offers updated scores and game details.

Los Angeles Times – Another simple iPhone optimized site for a major news outlet, the LA Time’s site presents headlines in a simple and highly readable format. Get a dose of weather, sports, entertainment and other news streams.

Meebo – This is the iPhone optimized version of one of the most popular IM clients out there, featuring one-click access to your buddylist.

Netbook User – Netbooks are big and getting bigger. Stay on top of everything netbook in this site optimized for your iPhone.

New York Times Mobile Web Site – The site is optimized for the iPhone along with other mobile platforms. It allows you to scan headlines and read the full text of articles.

OneTrip Shopping List – This is a great site for generating lists on your iPhone. Even with your iPhone offline, you can access and modify the list.

PocketTweets http://www.pockettweetscom – This is another robust Safari-based Twitter application fit onto the iPhone screen. It lets you do basically everything that you can do on the Twitter website.

Remember the Milk – This is the mobile Web edition of the iPhone ToDo app.

Tada list – There a lot of native ToDo apps for the iPhone, but why bother installing another app when you can have the same functionality in the cloud? Tada is a fast loading to-do list you can use anytime your iPhone is online.

Twitter – Most Twitter friends already have the site’s native application installed, so probably won’t bother to check out Twitter’s iPhone optimized site. But it is a rather useful site for viewing the latest Tweets from Twitterland.

Wal-Mart – Wal-Mart’s iPhone optimized site may still be in beta, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. Use it to shop online or plan your next trip to Wal-Mart. But since it is still in beta, expect the site to load slow.

Weather Underground – Weather Underground’s iPhone optimized site is your ultimate source for weather conditions and forecasts worldwide. – While Weather Underground covers the world’s weather conditions, this iPhone optimized site gives you accurate weather in the U.S.

YouTube – YouTube has done a great job adapting the site to the iPhone. Users can easily search for videos, access the featured video list, most viewed videos, and the recently added videos in YouTube.

Do you know of a great iPhone optimized website that we’ve missed? Please feel free to add it in the comments.

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68 Responses to “Top 40 best iPhone optimized websites”

  1. JW:

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  27. Matt:

    Useful sites that I use regularly & are UK based:

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    BBC iPlayer – video must be over WiFi (well, to start with anyway).

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