Top 40 best free iPod Touch Apps

March 22, 2009

Top 40 best free iPod Touch Apps Still scouting for some great apps to install on your new iPod Touch? Here are 40 of the best. All apps on our list are free, and also work with your iPhone. To load them onto your iPod Touch or iPhone, simply visit the App Store, which accessible from the main screen of your iPhone or Touch, and search for the name of the app you want.

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Password - This is the iPod Touch version of a popular password manager for the Mac, lets you store your usernames and passwords securely.

AccuWeather – This is one of the best weather apps for the iPod Touch. Just enter a zip code or city or anywhere in the world to get accurate weather forecasts.

Amazon – If you’re a frequent customer of, you’ll love this app. It lets you search and browse through the online store and features “Amazon Remembers,” which helps you keep track of items you find interesting.

Bloomberg – many iPod Touch or iPhone users neglect this useful tool because it comes as a default, preloaded app. But it’s a very useful finance-related application giving your stock quotes, financial news and world market updates.

Body Mass Index – Fitness buffs and gym regulars might find this iPod Touch app useful. It calculates your Body Mass Index (BMI) in metric or English measurements.

Calorie Tracker – This app will help you monitor your calorie intake and exercise routines – the key to healthy living.

EasyWriter – If you use your iPod Touch for email, this free, full-featured app will help you compose them. If features a landscape view, adjustable text sizes and more.

eBay Mobile – EBay users will want this. It gives you direct access to your eBay account, allowing you to search, bid and buy.

eReader – This app lets you read a book or listen to the audio versions – those that are far easier on the ears than the voice-to-text feature of the Amazon Kindle.

Evernote – This is possibly the richest and most useful productivity app for the iPod Touch. This free app lets you remember ideas, thoughts, events, special occasions and more. It lets you create and edit new notes on the fly, snap photos or record a quick voice memo.

Flashlight – This app turns your iPod Touch into a flashlight – very useful during emergencies. You can even choose different colors for the light.

Free Translator – I’m a heavy user of Google Translate. Yes, despite its minor flaws, I still love using it, especially when covering foreign-language news. This iPod touch app provides a great interface for the Google translator.

Fring – Who says you can’t make voice calls on your iPod Touch? With Skype, Fring, and a set of headphones with mic, you can start making VOIP calls on your iPod Touch.

Google Earth – Google’s satellite-based mapping service comes to the iPod touch as a free app. You can adjust the views, access geo-located Wikipedia articles and more.

Google Mobile App – Google’s first native app for the iPod Touch helps users search the Web and access contacts. It aims to make mobile searches faster and more efficient.

HearPlanet – A talking tour guide for you iPod Touch, this applications covers hundreds of thousands places around the globe.

Idiom dictionary – if English is your second language or you want to enrich your vocabulary, this could be a great application. It features a browsable English dictionary.

iHandy Level Free – This device offers five carpentry tools which you can use on your iPod Touch.

IM+ All-in-One Mobile Messenger – This instant messaging app supports AIM, iChat, MSN, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Jabber, MySpaceIM, Google Talk and ICQ. It lets you maintain one email inbox that holds all your messages.

Instapaper – This application lets you save Web pages you visit using the Safari browser for later reading when your iPod Touch is offline. This app is useful for reading long articles and blog posts.

iVote – This popular iPod Touch voting app lets you voice your opinion on simple polls, and compare your votes to other iPod Touch users across the globe.

Joost TV – This app lets you search and browse for videos by popularity or category. It uses a custom-built video player.

Mobile Banking – This useful app lets you bank using your iPod Touch (assuming your bank is among those supported).

NY Times – This app lets you read news coming from NY Times offline. It features simple navigation, high-resolution photos, and allows you to set four sections of the online newspapers as your favorites. The app streams news from NY Times whenever your iPod Touch is connected online.

Pandora Radio – Like the Web site, Pandora Radio for the IPod Touch lets you access streaming Internet radio.

Remote – This app lets you control audio and video playback in your iTunes library and on Apple TV.

Scribble – Create simple drawings, scribble on photos and send your doodles with iPod Touch’s email client.

Shazam – This app allows you to identify music tracks, buy music you hear, view YouTube video and more.

Simplify Media – This app lets you stream your Simplify Media music library to your iPod Touch using Wi-Fi, Edge and 3G. You can navigate by artist, album and genre or find artists bios and song lyrics.

Sportacular – This is possibly the best sports-related app for the iPod Touch. It gives you fast, up-to-the-minute access to scores, standings, stats, and news from MLB, NFL, NHL, MLS, NCAA, PGA, LPGA, and PGA. Create custom groups for tracking your favorite players and fantasy teams.

Stanza – Before the Amazon Kindle there was Stanza, possibly one of the best ebook readers for the iPod Touch. It supports the iDPF ePub format, which is an open standard eBook format.

Text Free Lite – This app lets you send text message to US mobile numbers for free.

That’s What She Said – This app turns you iPod Touch into a sophomoric response machine. That’s what she said.

Truphone - The release of this app elicited quite a buzz. It transformes the second-generation iPod Touch into an iPhone. It lets you make free calls to Truphone, Skype or Gtalk users and make cheaper international calls to landlines and mobile phones via Wi-Fi.

Truveo Video Search – AOL’s mobile video search engine is YouTube for network clips. Search through the Truveo video database for the top rated/most viewed clips.

Twitterific – This is possibly the best Twitter application for the iPod Touch. It syncs your Twitter updates and lets you read those you follow, updated every 10 minutes.

White Noise – This interesting app helps you go to sleep by playing ambient environmental sounds.

Wi-Fi Finder – This simple iPod touch application helps you find Wi-Fi hotspots whenever you are. It searches over 150,000 locations in 135 countries.

Wikipanion – This app lets you search Wikipedia and display search results in a format that suits your iPod Touch’s screen perfectly.

ZIPFinder – This simple app gives you the ZIP codes of the four cities nearest to your location. ZIPFinder is part of the tracking application that can be used for your DHL, FedEX, UPS, and USPS packages.

Have we missed one of your favourite apps? Don’t be afraid to add it to our comments.

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