Twitterific 2.0 for iPhone: A good app gets better, much better

May 10, 2009

If one of the first you things you do, well, always (when you get up, after a trip to the bathroom, before class, coming in the door, etc), is check your tweets and perhaps send a few for good measure, then you will definitely want to check out Version 2.0 for Apple handhelds.

Twitterific for iPhone 2.0 is the Iconfactory’s marvelously articulate upgrade to their popular twitter client, which at once catches and surpasses competitors with clever features, including multiple account support, account searches and tweet filtering, plus a choice of stylish visual themes and flexible layout options.

Yes, there are still two versions of this app — Twitterific (iTunes, free version) and Twitterific Premium (iTunes, $3.99)—with the biggest difference between the two being for former is ad supported and the latter offers filtering, a user tweakable set of features that allows instantaneous sorting and parsing of tweets.

The timeline can viewed as two, four or six (or more) tweets per page and filtering makes it super easy to drill down into any conversation or relationship. Version 2.0 also includes three user interface theme choices—Raven, Snowy and Basic—which includes a black text on white background option for the contrast challenged.

Also, given the advanced features of iPhone OS 3.0 (ie in app subscriptions), perhaps we’ll be able to add or update themes on the fly. Likewise, assigning themes or user tweakable looks to specific views or accounts would be a welcome feature, as well.

The reviews are in and overwhelmingly enthusiastic:
Twitterrific 2.0: It’s real, and it’s spectacular. (TUAW)
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The Sources page might better be named “my world” as provide easy access to one’s accounts, searches, who’s nearby (ie iPhone GPS) and current trending. Further, you can search tweets based on combinations of words, people and places.

An Easter egg—if you tap the Twitterific logo in Sources view, a credits page pops up whereupon the twitter bluebird pops its head out of the left side of the screen and then flies across the page. Cute, silly, it’s there.


Twitterific 2.0 for iPhone is a giant leap forward and resets the bar for handheld twitter clients and I’m definitely looking forward to these new features being added to Twitterific for Mac.

Thereupon, although I’ve purchased the Premium version, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how the competition responds. Twitterific 2.0 for iPhone rocks, but the best is yet to come…

What’s your take?

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