Apple opens App Store Resource Center for iPhone devs

September 19, 2009

One step forward and one step back seems to be Cupertino’s approach with the iPhone and app developer support. As allegations of collusion with AT&T against Google and Google Voice gain credibility, Apple has taken another step to make getting on the App Store a little easier. reports that Apple sent an e-mail to iPhone OS developers announcing the App Store Resource Center (paid developer membership required), which is being billed as a one-stop shop on how to prepare an app for submission and how to manage it once it goes on sale.

According to

• The App Store Resource Center provides details on how to get started with iTunes Connect, including setting up your account, contract and banking information, what you’ll need to have prepared before you submit your binary, and quick reference guides on assigning a rating to your app and using keywords.

• You’ll learn what you can do to ensure your app is ready for the approval process and what to expect during review. You’ll also find guidance on managing your app once it’s on the App Store including app editing information, submitting updates for your app, and where you can find and leverage sales and marketing resources.

The above sounds very helpful and informative, although I rather doubt it would have been any help to Google in getting Google Voice approved for distribution via the App Store.

The more things change…

With the App Store Resource Center open, perhaps NullRiver should try pushing their tethering app NetShare through again? I’m sure that nice Mr. Schiller help them this time around…

What’s your take?

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