AT&T drops 30% of iPhone calls in New York

October 1, 2009

One hapless Big Apple iPhone user went to the Apple Store Genius Bar to see if something was wrong with his phone after experiencing a lot of dropped calls — AT&T said everything was good on their end — only to be told more than one-in-five of his calls were being dropped. Imagine his surprise when the Genius helping him said on average iPhone users in Gotham were fairing even worse than he.

Gizmodo brings us the sad, sad tale of Manoj who owns and uses an iPhone in New York City. After facing a frustratingly high number of dropped calls, and getting no love from Ma Bell’s service trolls, he took his Apple handset to a local Apple Store Genius Bar was told that 22 percent of the calls he placed were getting dropped.

The real shocker came when the associate assisting him said he’s not alone and not the worst off by a long shot:

The Genius told Manoj that’s actually excellent compared to most people in the New York area, where a 30 percent dropped call rate is the average. There was nothing Apple could do for Manoj. His phone was totally fine. Which means there’s nothing Apple can do for rest of us.

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A tale of two cities

I’ve said it before and probably will again — San Francisco and New York City are where the iPhone loving digerati who created the whole “Jesus phone” mythos live, and many of these people are journalists and well-connected bloggers. Nine-tenths of AT&T’s customer complaint and image problems could be solved if they would simply provide reliable service in those two cities.

With so much riding on the happiness of the hyper connected, hyper vocal people of New York and San Francisco, you’d think AT&T would have made it their raison d’etre and solved these problems long, long ago…

What’s your take?

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