Top 10 best free iPhone and touch racing games

November 9, 2009

Top 10 best free iphone and touch racing gamesThe iPhone and iPod Touch have turned in to major gaming platforms, and thanks to its tilt sensor and touchscreen, it can be used as a fun way to control racing games.

There are all types of racing games on the iPhone and iPod Touch.  You have your traditional car racing, but you also have some odd entries like racing through water slides, racing with your fingers or trying to fit through holes in walls as fast as you can.  Check out 10 of the best free racing games for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Please note that all of these links go directly to the page in the iTunes store so clicking them will launch iTunes.

Alpine Crawler: Race around the Alps in a rear-wheel SUV over 6 different challenging maps that feature real-time physics and damage.  You do need to show some skill as your truck can be damaged and your driver killed, so don’t just race around with abandon!

alpine crawler

Audi A4 driving Challenge: The Audi A4 Challenge is a top-down lap racing game that has you maneuvering around an obstacle filled course.  Attempt to break the lap records, unlock 3 achievements per track and win the shadow cars that can replay record laps for you.


Biker Blast-Off: Built in part by Suzi Perry of The Gadget Show in England as part of an on air challenge, Biker Blast-Off is a fun motorcycle challenge game.  Shake your ipHone to start the engine, rub the screen to build up speed, tap to activate your rocket boosters and then tilt to land safely.

biker blast-off

Crash!! the most stupid race: Like a mixture of the TV game show Hole in the Wall and a racing game, you ride a unicycle and try to guide your character through the shapes in various obstacles in your way.  You need both speed and accuracy for this one.


Endless Racing Game: If you have just one iPhone, the “endless” portion of this game doesn’t exist, but if you are playing with someone else, you join them together and you will “jump” from one iPhone to the next at the end of your 60-second lap.  Race around at full-speed, but make sure you stop for the ducks crossing the road!

endless racing game

Race or Die: An MMORPG about street racing that allows you to race your friends, upgrade your car, communicate in real-time, run exciting missions and a whole lot more.

race or die

Reebok iSprint: On your mark … get set … RACE YOUR FINGERS!  That’s right, get your fingertips in the starting blocks, wait for the gun and then race with your fingers be swiping them down the screen as fast as you can.  Think you’re fast?  Check yourself against the world leader board.

reebok isprint

Volkswagen Polo 3D Challenge: Volkswagen seems to be loving using iPhone and iPod Touch apps to promote their vehicles, and why shouldn’t users enjoy these great free 3D racing games?  Drive the Volkswagen Polo around 8 detailed 3D tracks and try to beat the time limits for each track.

volkswagen polo

Volkswagen Scirocco R 24H Challenge 3D: A game with an obvious promotional connection, but who cares when you can race at 155 MPH around a 5 mile 3D track?  Run lamps, race against other computer controlled cars or race against friends in a multi-player mode.  The engine sounds were recorded on an actual test track, so you can expect some deep realism in this free racer.


Waterslide Extreme: Ever dreamed of going down a waterslide that stretched all through out a city, around skyscrapers and basically denies all the laws of physics?  Waterslide Extreme allows you to do all of this in a 3D environment that features 9 different levels, 1st and 3rd person views and more.

waterslide extreme

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