Updated iPod touch in December? Probably not…

November 10, 2009

When Apple announced the third generation iPod touch in September, many were disappointed that the device didn’t include a camera. A little of that sentiment is perhaps evident in a fresh rumor that the mothership plans (despite the fact that Phil Schiller has publicly announced that the company’s holiday line up is set) to release a revised model in December.

Without quoting anyone in particular, iPhone Alley reports that a “reliable source” has said that Apple plans to introduce an updated iPod touch in December.

“We’ve heard from a reliable source that Apple plans to introduce ‘a new iPod touch’ this December,” writes Michael Johnston for iPhone Alley. “Our source couldn’t go into details, but this may end up being the iPod touch with a camera that we’d expected back in September.”

That said, launching and pushing a new product through the channel in December would be almost impossible. There’s also the huge number of people that Apple would piss off with a ninth inning update.

Lastly, there’s also the fact that Phil Schiller has said Apple’s holiday line up is already set.

To sum up, although Apple is known to lie and has seemingly gone out of its way to irritate customers, rearranging its iPod line up at the height of the Christmas buying season would require a suicidally heroic effort. It’s just not gonna happen…

What’s your take?

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