Top 40, best games for the iPhone 3GS, 3G iPod touch

November 16, 2009

Apple’s serious about mobile gaming — the company’s newest iPhone and iPod touch models include best of class ARM processors, a good bit o’ RAM and richly detailed OpenGL graphics. Moreover, Cupertino’s been kitting out its in-house iPhone game development team with Graeme Devine of Halo Wars fame already on board.

No matter how you measure it — a growing team of gaming professionals to their category defining hardware — Apple’s serious about mobile gaming.

Thereupon, if you’re looking for games to push your OpenGL ES 2.0 spec’d iPhone or iPod touch to the edge and/or push your skills and reactions to the limit, here’re 40 insanely great titles guarantied to get your juices flowing.

First person shooters (FPS)

Doom Resurrection, $6.99—Scary weapons and even scarier monsters in this classic FPS that just keeps delivering the thrills and carnage.
Wolfenstein 3D Classic, free—What else are Nazis good for? Kill ‘em all in game that began it all back when RAM was measured in megabytes and VRAM was metered out in K bytes.
iSniper, $1.99—You are an elite sniper whose sole purpose in life blowing the heads off terrorists. Pity there isn’t a lightening rifle ;>….
Zombieville USA, $1.99—An endless stream of zombies and 15 different weapons, you do the math.
-Modern Combat: Sandstorm, $4.99—10 different missions and scores of authentic weapons. Kill your enemies with great prejudice.
Top Gun, $1.99—Defend the skies in this first person jet shooter. Dodge and kill enemy fighters while missile track your every move.
Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself)—Not exactly an FPS game and the body will always be limited to one—Adult Swim delivers one of the best new games of the season!
Brothers in Arms, $4.99—You’re the star of this World War 2 action epic and a member of America’s elite 101st Airborne Division, fighting in the battles of The Ardennes, Normandy and Tunisia.

Tower defense, action puzzle

Fieldrunners, $2.99—This is the category killer of mobile tower defense games, an addictive visual tour de force on Apple’s dazzling 3.5 inch screen!
Asteroids, $0.99—Strictly speaking this isn’t a first person shooter. If killing’s your thing, but you could do without the blood, this is the perfect choice for you.
Coast Defense, $0.99—Defend your bunker and defeat the invaders!
Blood Beach, $0.99—Classic arcade defense game that pits you against the entire Japanese Imperial Navy in the WWII shooter.
Bejeweled, $2.99—It’s Tetris, but not Tetris as you battle to stay alive—just more row to go!
Tap Tap Revenge 3—The most popular game on the App Store! Tap and shake your Apple handheld to the beats of the hottest songs from the hottest acts.
Fling!—The latest puzzle sensation to the App Store featuring 10s of thousands of unique puzzles with 19 levels of difficulty.
Frogger, $0.99—The classic arcade game has come to the iPhone. Guide your frog to safety through deadly traffic, swamps full of predators and fast flowing rivers of death!

Sport games

Tiger Woods PGA Tour—Play against golf’s finest player on the world’s finest courses. Shoot a round with Tiger as you enjoy your iTunes music library.
Virtual Pool Online, $2.99—Rack ‘em up on the road, wherever you happen to be with App Store’s best selling 3D pool simulator.
Touch Ski 3D, $2.99—Excellent 3D environments whiz by as the bullet physics engine whisks down the slopes at breakneck speeds.
Flick NBA Basketball, $4.99—Compete in 3 point shoot out, hotshot arcade, long shot challenge, horse and the cool ball spin mini game.
Madden NFL 10, $9.99—The best football game on the iPhone where you match up 32 teams on 32 unique fields, running nearly 300 plays!
MLB World Series 2009—The prettiest and perhaps most realistic baseball game on the iPhone, featuring all 30 Major League teams in 10 MLB ballparks.
Touch Hockey: FS5, $0.99—Play air hockey against your friends via Bluetooth or wi-fi with ultra-fast animation and effects.
Hockey Allstar Shootout, $0.99—Best the best goalies from around the world, enjoy realistic hockey atmosphere and sounds!

Flight, racing games

X-Plane 9, $9.99—The most realistic and flexible flight simulator on the Mac, Windows, Linux and now the iPhone. This is the full desktop experience in your pocket!
Flight Control, $0.99—An incredibly simple, yet insanely addictive game where you are the flight controller bringing the planes and their passengers home safely.
Wings Earth: Flight Simulator Experience, $1.99—Heads up display, throttle controls, inflight controls and, of course, super realistic crash physics and audio!
3D Space Flight, $0.99—Fly over a Mayan pyramid or dive through planetary rings or even the Sun using the iPhone’s incredible accelerometer and this title’s innovative controls.
Real Racing, $4.99—Immerse yourself in the competitive excitement of championship racing behind the wheel of any of 48 cars in four classes on a dozen unique tracks.
Cro-Mag Rally, $2.99—The wildest 3D racing game since man invented the wheel. Take the wheel and race through time in primitive vehicles with primitive weapons.
Nanosaur 2, $3.99—This is a dinosaur flight simulator with a difference, powerful weapons and a mission to save as many eggs as you can.
Asphalt 5—Punch it in the fastest cars ever created, everything you ever dreamed of doing behind the wheel is now possible.

Traditional games

World Series of Poker Hold’em, $4.99—Start out as an amateur and build your legend until your sitting at the big table in Las Vegas playing the game’s biggest names.
Bugdom 2—Console quality 3D action and graphics designed to keep you guessing and entertained for months on end.
Fritz Chess, $6.99—The best engine matched with excellent gameplay. Beginners to champions agree Fritz is the iPhone chess game category.
Backgammon, $1.99—With shake and roll action, this is the most popular backgammon game on the iPhone, classic play coupled with cool mobile technology.
Scrabble, $4.99—The classic in now mobile with integrated iTunes support, official Scrabble dictionary, drag n’ drop tiles, wi-fi multiplayer and much, much more!
Uno, $4.99—A new community-based in-game social network to play and interact with friends with user customizable profile and game play features.
Cribbage Premium, $0.99—You bring the pretzels, I’ll bring the beer! Now with Expert level difficulty, muggins functionality, hand explanation, hints and peer-to-peer player over Bluetooth!
Tic Tac Toe, free—Put away that pencil and ixnay of the dead trees already! Play tic tac toe the way it was meant to be played, on your iPhone.

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