Apple grows its smartphone share

February 1, 2010

Apple grows its smartphone shareA new smartphone market share report is out and it is good news for Apple and the iPhone. During the fourth quarter of 2009, Apple once again took a big bite out of the competition’s share of the marketplace.

Hard on the heels of the wildly successful introduction of the iPad, there is more good news for Apple. Research firm Strategy Analytics is reporting that the iPhone’s share of the smartphone marketplace grew at the enviable rate of 30 percent, quarter over quarter, during the final accounting period of 2009. Although that still leaves them in third place overall, with sales growth rates like that they will not be number three for long. Nokia is still the leader worldwide, with 39 percent of the market, followed by RIM Blackberry at 20 percent and then Apple at 16 percent, according to a TheStreet story.

If the current growth rate of the iPhone is sustained, it is clear that they will likely pass RIM during 2010 and be hard on the heels of the world leader in the marketplace. Of the marketplace, Tom Kang, senior analyst at Strategy Analytics, says, “This was the strongest period of growth since Q3 2008 and smartphones are leading the handset industry out of the recession. Sales are being driven by stronger consumer demand and a stream of attractive new 3G models tempting buyers into retail stores.”

The allure of the iPhone is so strong that it barely noticed that there was a worldwide recession in progress, continuing to enjoy strong growth in this one bright spot of the cell phone sector. It is likely that both RIM and Apple will continue to see growth in market share as the economy recovers and more people opt for higher-priced, full-featured handsets like the iPhone and the Blackberry. The loser in this change in purchasing patterns is likely to be Nokia, as they continue to bleed market share.

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