Über 4G iPhone with A4 processor, super crisp display rumored

March 30, 2010

Nothing’s real until the skinny guy says it is. But, in the realm of iPhone rumors, this one has a bit more credibility than, for example, Monday’s zombie-like re-incarnation of a CDMA iPhone for the Verizon network.

Yesterday I heaped scorn on Wall Street Journal rumor that Apple is working to release a CDMA iPhone for the Verizon sometime this year. I’m not alone in actually hoping for the appearance of the iPhone on the nation’s — large grain o’ salt please — biggest, most reliable network, it’s just that there’s no credible evidence one’s coming.

It seems John Gruber of Fireball fame feels the same way. Further, in his short n’ scathing rebuttal of the WSJ report, he adds what he’s heard about Apple’s upcoming 4G iPhone:

      WSJ:Apple Inc. is developing a new iPhone to debut this summer and also appears to be working on a model for U.S. mobile phone operator Verizon Wireless, say people briefed on the matter.

      Gruber: Keep in mind there’s a big difference between “is” and “appears to be”. And they have no actual details of the next-generation iPhone. Nothing. Not the A4-family CPU system-on-a-chip. Not the 960 × 640 double-resolution display. Not the second front-facing camera. Not even the third-party multitasking in iPhone OS 4. All they have is that there’s going to be a new iPhone this summer, period. Thanks for the scoop, Yukari Iwatani Kane.

Thereupon, a purported picture of the the 4G iPhone’s faceplate is circulating and, as TUAW dutifully notes, it looks just like the one iResQ circulated earlier this year.

That said, after the incremental changes delivered in the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, the 4G iPhone needs to offer a lot more oomph. So, it just makes sense then that Apple will ship a more powerful OS brought vividly to life by a more powerful processor and hi-res display.

Then again, like I said in the lead, ain’t nothing real until Steve Jobs says it is…

What’s your take?

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