AT&T cancellation fee to rise

May 24, 2010

Beginning on June 1, it is going to cost you more to cancel your AT&T smartphone contract, including (of course) on the iPhone, a charge that is being raised from $175 to $350, though they say it’s not aimed at Apple.

In fact, AT&T insists that the cancellation price increase is in no way related to any single device, such as the iPhone, or to any other likely iPhone news, such as a change in AT&T’s iPhone exclusivity status. Yeah, right. It may be wise then, if you know you’re going to jump ship, that you do that now, as opposed to later, according to a PCWorld article, especially if you are a business and have a number of phones that you will have to pay on if you cancel. It should be noted that this gives people and businesses in that position just a week to make up their minds whether they should jump now or pay a higher fee later.

Worse, we don’t even know where, if anywhere, we can jump to. There have been a lot of rumors about the iPhone on Verizon, but that is all they have been: rumors. At this point there is no definitive word from anywhere that the iPhone will be available soon anywhere besides AT&T, so it is going to be virtually impossible to figure out what to do. Lest we think of this as dirty pool by AT&T, we need to remind ourselves that they consider it their sacred duty to separate us from as much of our money as they can, as do any number of other companies. We can’t expect them to start thinking of their customers all of a sudden, when profits are all they have on their minds.

There is little worse than having too little information on which to base a decision, but being forced to make a decision anyway. It seems that we have to deal with much of life that way, and then just wait for the big hairy gotcha to appear and mess up one segment of our lives or another. Thanks, AT&T, for giving us another gotcha opportunity.

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