Top 40 best free iphone 4/iOS 4 apps

June 28, 2010

There are hundreds of thousands of apps, but which ones are right for iOS 4? That’s a tricky question as different apps come to market iOS 4 tested and others bring more advanced functionality to the table — step inside for more.

Water, water everywhere, but what’s safe to drink? Every app here is at the very least iOS 4 tested and many have additional enhancements, like the multitasking found in Pandora (rocks!). From games to productivity, find the apps you’re looking for!

40. Dots Free — Killer graphics and sound for your iOS 4 iPhone! Play against another human or your iPhone — it’s wherever fun and the price is right.

39. Kindle (universal) — Read multimedia enhanced ebooks on your hardware enhanced iPhone 4. More sound, movies and a better reading experience.
Kindle for iPad, iPhone get multimedia playback

38. AroundMe — Where’s the closest gas station? Need to find an open drugstore at 2a.m.? You need iOS 4 tested AroundMe.

37. Solitaire (universal) — iOS 4 tested that’s ready for those mobile moments when there’s simply nothing better to do. Try Klondike 1 Deal!

36. Find My iPhone — Lost your iPhone? Don’t despair, take action! Leverages your MobileMe account to track down your iPhone, wipe it, send a message to the finder and more.
Apple updates Find My iPhone, opens MobileMe Mail beta

35. Vuvuzela 2010 — The number one free app in dozens of countries. Do you love soccer? Embrace the vuvuzela on your iPhone!

34. Wi-Fi Finder — Wanna get some FaceTime? You’ll need to find open Wi-Fi hotspots and this is just the app to do it.
— See also: FaceTime calls won’t eat your minutes

33. A+ 12,000+ Wallpapers — Ready for new wallpapers and login screens? Here’s a just a few to get you started, for free!

32. Bing! — Don’t just search it, Bing! it. Find stuff with the iPhone 4’s exceptional camera, search via voice and much more.

31. Tic Tac Toe — Play against your iPhone or another human right next to you or around the world over Wi-Fi or 3G. iOS tested n’ ready.

30. We Rule — Farm. Build. Rule. iOS 4 tested and ready with more crops, structures and people for you to manage and control.

29. Google Mobile (universal) — The app that puts the power of the Goog in your pocket, speech recognition in multiple languages.

28. Word with Friends — Push notifications, chat, strong Facebook + Twitter integration. Scrabble? We don’t need no stinkin’ Scrabble.

27. The Weather Channel — More beautiful graphics and maps on iPhone 4’s incomparable Retina display.

26. EXO-Planet — Live multiplayer over 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Free yourself from the bonds of gravity in this third-person shooter.

25. SoundHound (universal) — The app that gives you instant music search and discovery.

24. 3D Wallpapers & Backgrounds — No more waiting for your beautiful pics n’ images to load — it’s way faster.

23. Spawn Glow — Create beautiful art and share it with your social networking friends.

22. Facebook — Not a lot of iOS 4 love here, but you can upload 720p pics, watch videos and it is (or was) the world’s most popular app.
Watch videos with Facebook 3.1.3 for iPhone

21. Windows Live Messenger — Fast app switching and background push notifications. Stay connected with your friends worldwide.

20. Twitter — This is the official Twitter app from Twitter and now it multitasks as well as you do.

19. Audiobooks — Play audio files in the background while you read — simple, yet priceless.

18. XE Currency — It’s got multitasking, permitting you to convert 180+ currencies on the go, anywhere.

17. Fandango — Arguably the best mobile movie app allows you to juggle other tasks while finding theaters and tickets

16. Foursquare — It’s got fast app switching, yet background location tracking isn’t there (yet).

15. Twitterific (universal) — This particular Twitter client takes advantage of fast app switching, a must for always in touch social media sluts nuts.

14. New York Times — It’s now got fast app switching and remembers where you left off in articles.

13. Evernote (universal) — Multitasking permits Evernote to stay synchronized even when its not running in the foreground, so it’s ready when you need it.

12. LinkedIn — Optimized for fast app switching, helps you stay connected with your network.

11. WordPress (universal) — Optimized for the Retina display, better handling of drafts when quitting and more.

10. FarmVille — This one’s iOS 4 tested, so you can plow, plant and harvest on the go with your iPhone 4 or upgraded device.

9. iBooks (universal) — The best eReader (we don’t need no stickin’ Kindle app)
— See also: What’s new in iBooks 1.1

8. Dropbox (universal) — Mobile warriors agree; this is a must have app. Sync and share you stuff wherever and whenever.

7. Truphone — Now runs in the background and allows calls to come through while multitasking.

6. Tap Tap Revenge 3 — Not sure how this app benefits from multitasking, but it’s freaking’ awesome.

5. GodFinger — Now your people can toil, and earn you gold, while get on with your real life.

4. Twitter — Stay up-to-the-moment even when this app’s running in the background with push notifications and more.

3. Loopt — Find out who’s around, what to do and where to go while you get on with your day.

2. NPR Music — Expect excellence while you multitask to superbly curated music and related content.

1. Pandora (universal) — The app everybody’s been waiting for and wanting. Tune in and then do anything you want — Pandora keeps playing!


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