How to restart or reset an iPhone 4

August 6, 2010

Generally, barring the odd problem with antennae and reception, the iPhone 4 tends to be a very stable device. Still, there may be a time when you would like to or need to reset your iPhone. If you do, here’s how.

Perhaps your iPhone 4 is acting up or being a little bit strange. Or maybe you are just the sort of person that likes to reset electronic devices once in a while. After all, if it’s good for your computer, maybe it is also good for your iPhone. There are actually two kinds of reset on the iPhone. The first of these Apple terms “Restarting.” The second they describe as a more complete procedure, and one that will work when the restart won’t, and that one is termed a “Reset.” Both of these are normal operations and will not harm your phone.

The “Restart” is just another name for turning your phone off and then on again. No, not the “off” that you get when you briefly press the on / off button on the top of the phone and the screen goes dark. When you do that, you’re actually putting the phone in a “sleep” state. That’s why it looks off, but can still alert you when you get a phone call, a text message, or some other type of alert. This mode is mainly for conserving your battery.

In order to turn the phone completely off, you need to press the On / Off button until the red slider appears, as illustrated at the upper left of this column. Slide your finger to the right to turn the phone off, just as you do with the more common starting slider when you awaken the phone by pressing the home button. To turn the phone back on, just press and hold the On / Off button until the Apple symbol appears on the screen. That’s a Restart.

To do a complete “Reset” of the phone, you need to simultaneously press the On / Off button and the Home button for about ten seconds, or until the Apple logo appears. When the restart process does not work, this is what you need to do. The iPhone will then reboot and come back alive. If the problem you were having, if any, still exists, you may need to make an appointment at the Genius bar.

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