How to record voice memos on the iPhone 4

August 10, 2010

The iPhone 4 is really several devices rolled into one. One of those is the equivalent of a small tape recorder, which allows you to quickly and easily record voice messages to yourself or for others.

Making voice memos on the iPhone 4 could not be easier. It is even easier than using one of those micro-cassette recorders that were popular ten or fifteen years ago. Just turn on your iPhone and tap on the icon that looks like an old-time studio microphone on a burgundy and black background. If you have not moved things around too much, it will be on the home page of your iPhone, along with apps like Messages, Calendar, and Settings. The icon is shown at the upper left of this column.

Tap on that icon and when you are ready, tap on the red “Record” button in the lower left of the iPhone screen. Then just speak in the direction of either of the iPhone microphones on the top or bottom of the phone. You don’t need to aim your voice very precisely; the phone is very good at picking it up. A timer will start running near the top of the screen, showing how long your recording is. When you press “Record” and talk, the VU meter shows how loudly you are recording.

You may pause the recording by pressing the “Pause” button which replaces the “Record” button when you tap it. While recording, you can also stop recording by tapping the square “Stop” button at the lower right of the iphone screen. After you have stopped recording, tapping the little speaker grill in the lower right corner will play your message back, and also give you access to all of the voice memos on your phone on the “Voice Memos” screen.

The “Voice Memos” screen allows you to play any other messages you have recoded, including the last one. You can delete the selected message from this screen by tapping the “Delete” button at the lower right. You can also share the selected message via email or MMS by pressing the “Share” button at the lower left, then selecting which sharing method you desire and typing in the address information (email address or telephone number).

Clicking on the arrow at the right of any of your voice memos gives you access to the message’s “Info” screen, which allows you to trim a message to get rid of awkward pauses or errors. That “Info” screen also allows you to share the message in exactly the same way as described above.

Happy recording!

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