How to take an iPhone 4 screenshot

August 15, 2010

Have you ever wished that you could capture the screen of your iPhone 4 and send it to someone? As it turns out, Apple thought of that too. It is super easy and built right into your shiny new iPhone 4.

At the upper left corner is a captured screen shot of my iPhone home screen, made almost instantly on the phone itself and then mailed just as easily to my MacBook Pro and turned into a thumbnail graphic used to illustrate this column. I just happened to run across this function while reading the iPhone 4 manual during a non-busy moment and thought that I would pass it along to you.

When you have the screen that you want to capture displayed on the face of your iPhone, press the “Home” button and the “Sleep/Wake” buttons at the same time. When you release the two buttons, you will hear the sound of the iPhone camera “shutter” opening and closing. Then just look in the camera roll and there is your screen capture.

After I captured the screen, I used the iPhone Photos app to mail it to myself on my OS X computer, then used Preview to rotate it and resize it to the dimensions used for the thumbnails that accompany our columns. Total elapsed time? Less than 30 seconds. Feel free to amaze your less-technical friends with that factoid.

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