LaptopMag: ‘Jobs was right’ about Mobile Flash

August 21, 2010

Adobe’s CEO has been making the rounds of late, saying his company has moved on following the failed effort to push Mobile Flash onto the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Unfortunately for him, however, Jobs’ word linger, truer than ever as Adobe’s Flash delivery is falling well short of the promise.

LaptopMag has taken an in-depth look at Mobile Flash 10.1 running on an Android 2.2 device. Unsurprisingly, what they found fall far short of the seamless desktop-portable-mobile experience promised by Adobe.

“The difference between the smooth Flash trailers on, the jerky episode of CSI, and the system-stalling Flash video on is that the smoother ones were optimized specifically for phone playback. But if content providers have to go back and optimize their videos for mobile platforms, one of the key benefits of mobile Flash–backward compatibility with millions of existing videos–is lost. If you’re modifying your videos anyway, why not go the full monty and use an HTML 5 player instead of Flash?

And, that’s the crux of the matter. HTML5 is one of the hallmark features of not just the iPhone + iPad walled garden, but Google’s wild west Android platform, as well. Convert your video once and it will run on just about anything you can think of, mobile or desktop.

“We think it will eventually ship, but we’re glad we didn’t hold our breath,” Jobs wrote in Thoughts on Flash back in April.

Yeah, Adobe did eventually ship a version of Flash that runs to a degree and doesn’t run to a degree more. That said, for the Apple haters at least, it might chap your ass to admit, but Jobs was and is still right about Mobile Flash…

What’s your take?

via MacRumors

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