Verizon iPhone 4% and rising

February 14, 2011

On the Monday after the launch neither Verizon nor Apple have seen fit to tell us how many have sold, which is a very, very interesting omission. That said, people are still trying to reckon that number from the available breadcrumbs — let the guessing begin.

Chitika has posted an iPhone market share tracker and it’s an AT&T versus Verizon smackdown.

Data is based on iPhones across the Chitika advertising network. Only traffic on cellular connections is recorded. Percentages are a 24-hour rolling average, updated hourly.

Which means what exactly for the number of Verizon iPhone sold since they started arriving in subscriber hands on Monday, February 7? Oddly enough, we don’t have a Verizon/Apple Monday press release declaring victory.

So, pressing on anyway, ComScore has said there were about 15 million US iPhones out and about by the end of November. Just for the sake argument let’s assume there are 18 million today.

So, 4.1 percent of that equals 738,000 Verizon iPhones sold in under a week.


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