iPhone 4 has replaced our camera

April 19, 2011

Some fresh data from Flickr, indicating that the iPhone 4 will soon be the most popular device among site users, has stirred debate that the Apple smartphone is killing stand-alone cameras. Although point-and-shoot unit volume is still growing, the rise of disruptive Apple products often presages a radical market reshaping.

When measuring the effects of Apple products, data often lags reality. Three prominent examples include the Mac, Newton and iPod, all of which were panned by experts and loved by users.

Thereupon, New York Times came across an interesting data point published by Flikr showing that the iPhone 4 will soon be the most popular device on the photo and video sharing site. Whereas digital SLR (single lens reflex) cameras, such Nikon’s $900 D90, are still quite popular, the use of point-and-shoot models is declining rapidly.

Cause, correlation and effect all wrapped up in one? No, Wired reports that sales of point and shoot cameras actually increased last year by 10 percent.

However, the rise of the iPhone 4 on Flickr could be the “canary in the coal mine.” That is, after we got an iPhone 4 or our family’s aged but still usable Kodak hasn’t left the drawer.

“Six months ago, the data looked bad for point-and-shoots. Now it looks downright frightening,” said TechCrunch’s M.G. Siegler. “If the trend continues (and it’s actually speeding up), the point-and-shoot is finished.”

That said, point and shoot sales increased worldwide, though you can bet they’re falling in the US and other markets where smartphone fever has taken hold.

Not in this house!

If we do get another camera it will be a digital SLR (if the economy picks up) or a second iPhone. People being people, I’m probably not alone in this outlook.

So, it’s more than likely our next camera will be inside the iPhone 5, which is expected in October with an 8MP sensor…

What’s your take?

via TG Daily

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