iPhone 5 in production for September delivery

July 5, 2011

Life in the rumor mill is good. Fresh news out of Taiwan posits that Apple’s CDMA iPhone contract manufacturer has started gathering parts and workers in order to fill a big order. Interesting, it’s also being thrown out there that orders for the model came in well below estimates.

DigiTimes, purveyors of rumors good and not so good, reports that Apple CDMA iPhone assembler Pegatron has landed orderers for up to 15 million iPhone 5s. Thereupon, Taiwanese contract manufacturer has begun hiring workers and components.

The company is aiming for September delivery of a new model that’s said to differ little from the current iPhone. Whereas some might lean toward calling it the iPhone 4S, using iPhone 5 makes for a much better headline.

Additionally, DigiTimes is again repeating the rumor that CDMA iPhone 4 shipments, which Pegatron had geared up to supply as many as 10 million, came in much lower than predicted with just 4 million ultimately produced. Whatever the case, the iPhone has regained sales momentum in recent quarters with Cupertino increasing its market share from 10 to 17 percent.

That said, either the analysts estimating sales came in high or DigiTimes’ production rumor is too low. Alternately, the truth could lie somewhere in between.

Still, there’s a growing chorus pointing to a September iPhone refresh. So much for the rumors that the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 will ship in October…

What’s your take?

via Macworld UK

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