iPhone next testing on AT&T, say sources

July 18, 2011

Whatever you call it, iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S, Apple’s next-generation smartphone is said to be in the hands of beta testers running loose on AT&T’s network. Taking this rumor the requisite 10lbs bag of salt, whispers that the device, or devices depending on who you want to believe, will ship in September seem about right.

A site I have never heard of before, Chip Hazard, claims to have sources inside AT&T who say the iPhone 5, or iPhone 4S if you prefer, is currently testing on that network.

They are running tests, including but not limited to signal reception and connectivity tests. They have been given the pre-release version of the iPhone 5 and as soon as they are done with the testing phase, the final work would be sorted out and Apple would then direct manufacturers to start producing…

Thereupon, Chip Hazard says that these third-party beta tests began on July 6. A little late perhaps, but it’s noted that these are the final field betas before production is to begin.

Past being prologue, it’s generally believed that Apple needs four to six weeks to produce enough product to launch.

Seem plausible to you?

via ComputerWorld

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