No iPhone 5 for T-Mobile users

September 20, 2011

Straight from the horse’s mouth and the number four filly in the US smartphone race looks to lag even farther behind. The carrier is leaving the door open vis-a-vis 2012 — the world’s going to end anyway, so why not say it? — but they won’t be getting when the iPhone 5 launches sometime next month.

Back in July, even before the the carrier began offering compatible Micro SIM cards, T-Mobile claimed that there were 1 million iPhones on its network. That’s a lot of unlocked handsets from the Cupertino kids, but not enough to boost is prospects.

However, some sympathetic rumors aside, TmoNews reports that America’s number four carrier won’t be getting the iPhone 5, at least not this year. Or, so says Chief Marketing Office Cole Brodman.

A leaked T-Mobile document brings the sad, sad news.

Yes, he does say this year, which leaves open the possibility of a launch sometime next year, but that’s just semantics.

Nevertheless, the iPhone’s already on Verizon and AT&T, and Sprint seems a certainty. Sans iPhone, T-Mobile’s ability to survive is called into question.

Can the number four carrier get along without Apple’s smartphone and is this an AT&T power play to force a merger with a “struggling” T-Mobile. That’s one way to get a deal done…

What’s your take?

via Cult of Mac

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