iPhone 4S: ‘Siri-ously awesome’

October 11, 2011

First there was the buzz generated by Apple’s onstage demos. Exciting, yes, but often not a good indicator of how features will behave in the wild. However, as a lucky few users lay hands on the iPhone 4S, iOS 5 and, more to the point, Siri, unfounded optimism is transitioning firmly into, “Holy cow, it really is that cool.”

I haven’t played with Siri, Apple’s new voice recognition technology, but I’m nevertheless an early booster. If works half as well as Apple’s onstage demo, it’s going to rock.

Now, early user reports clearly show that Siri performs as advertised

“Apple’s all-new voice controlled digital assistant is Siri-ously awesome. Seeing is believing, so our demo video is definitely worth a watch,” writes Stuff.tv.

Different accents, references and speech cadences don’t phase Siri. I’m smitten.

So, yeah, I just might have to take out a second mortgage on the kids and get an iPhone 4S…

What’s your take?

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