Fix iOS 5 iPhone, iPad battery killers

October 17, 2011

Some folks are noticing reduced battery performance after upgrading to iOS 5. If this means you, there are some easy things you can do to get some or all of that back. From networking settings to trimming back notifications or even disabling some services, you don’t have to take it lying down.

Let’s start with the low hanging fruit. Of the new features in iOS 5, Wireless Sync is often cited by users as being a major battery hog.

To turn Wireless Sync, USB tether your iPhone or iPad and fire up iTunes. Select the device in iTunes sidebar and click the Summary tab. Scroll down a bit and under Options, deselect “Sync with this iPad over wifi.”

Your next best bets for conserving juice are network and notification services. The battery killer par excellence is and was Bluetooth — if you’re not using it right now, then by all means turn it off and keep it off unless it’s active.

      Go to Settings > General > Bluetooth and tap Off.

Need to know

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The next likely suspects for battery suck are Notifications and Location Services. Unfortunately, Notifications are managed on an app by app basis and that’s how you have turn them on an off.

      Settings > Notifications

You will need to apps one at a time and toggle notifications on/off. The alternative is to turn off all notifications, which is an option for this feature — something to remember for that next big meeting, vacation or romantic night out.

Here, take a tip from me and turn off apps with as much prejudice as you can manage, actively manage app Notifications as you need them. Personally, of the 18 Notification friendly apps on my iPhone, only three are set to notify me — Reminders, Calendar, Messages.

Honestly, who really needs to hear from Game Center, Apple Store, CNN, etc. apps every few minutes?

Take a similar approach to Location Services and really limit which apps can access this functionality. Additionally, limiting location also limits who can monitor where you are and what you’re doing.

      Settings > Location Services

Here again, of the dozen Location Service friendly apps on my iPhone, only five have location active and this includes Find My iPhone.

Also, how many coupon apps do you need and do all of them need to be turned on all of the time? Similarly, if you’re checking into locations using FourSquare and cross posting via Twitter and Facebook, your other social networking apps don’t need to be active in Location Services.

Unsocialized music

Lastly, are you using iTunes Ping, Apple’s social network for music? Didn’t think so — turn it off and kill this battery drain.

      Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions > Ping > OFF

Again, the one thing you can turn off to most improve battery performance is Bluetooth — if you’re not using that Bluetooth keyboard or headset right now, kill it because it’s a major drain.

Another potential pain the lithium cells, especially for iPhone 4S users, is iOS 5’s automatic Time Zone check and set functionality. Thereupon, if you’re not constantly on a plane, you probably don’t need this feature.

    Settings > Location Services > Setting Time Zone > OFF

What have you done to improve battery life on your iPhone or iPad?

via OS X Daily

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