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November 28, 2011

Barriers to entry matter. Similarly, endorsements, especially from A-list universities, make a difference, as well. Combine the two and developers have a big incentive to chose the platform that, happily enough, also pays better than the competition.

Pop quiz — name the top five high-tech universities? No matter who’s making the list, Stanford will on it.

Thereupon, it’s noteworthy that Stanford’s iPhone Application Development course is now available on iTunes U, Apple’s open and free university program available on any Mac, PC or idevice — it comes complete with lectures and slides.

“There’s something about developing for the iOS platform that’s really exciting and fun because it runs on devices that everybody has in their purses or pockets,” says course instructor Paul Hegarty. “There aren’t a lot of courses you can take that when you get to the end, to your final project, you can take it out of your pocket and show your friends.”

Or, for that matter, submit to the App Store and perhaps make a fortune.

I don’t know if that’s ever happened — send us your anecdotes, guys and gals — but Stanford’s iOS development course has already been downloaded more than a million times in the seven weeks it’s been available — word.

Over a million suckers? Hardly. When it comes to paid apps, Apple’s iOS platform accounts for 90 percent of the revenue.

Which platform are you gonna write for?

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