iPhone 4S users say yes to data

January 7, 2012

Remember how the haters panned Apple’s 2011 smartphone refresh because it only had a newer, faster processor, greatly improved camera and Siri? In addition to setting new sales records, including first weekend and a big new total from Verizon, users are responding by gobbling up data with the iPhone 4S, in fact, twice as much as those with the iPhone 4.

Who’s happy with the iPhone 4S? Verizon is reporting that they doubled the number of iPhones they sold last quarter to 4.2 million unit and a similar story’s coming from AT&T.

The same as twice as nice theme is emanating from users who have taken to the device. Network firm Arieso, which tracks how smartphone owners use their devices, reports that iPhone 4S owners have roughly doubled down on data usage.

Whereas Arieso attributes the surge to Apple’s meme worthy digital assistant, Siri, users of several Android handsets are also posting big increases in data consumption and those folks don’t have Siri. What all of these devices have in common is faster network access, LTE or HSPA, as well as much improved cameras pushing more pixels and faster processors.

“Voice is the ultimate human interface,” said Arieso Chief Technology Officer Michael Flanagan.

That maybe true for the iPhone 4S in that Siri could be the spur for increased device usage. For example, it has been reported that even heavy Siri use only increases data usage by about 20MB a day, which is nowhere near the 2X leap Arieso discovered.

Have you shown grandma yet?

And, yeah, there are all of the meme worthy videos on YouTube, too, which everybody was handing around during the holidays — Ulimate Dog Tease alone probably accounted for terabytes of data.

Whatever the case, the iPhone 4S and its better equipped Android competitors are chewing through more data and that can’t bode well for congestion as carriers work feverishly to build out their high-speed LTE networks.

Noticing the slowdown in your neighborhood?

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