iPhoto for iOS: 1 million users strong

March 22, 2012

Tools, it’s all about the tools available and accessible to you. If you need to quickly edit a photo or image on your Mac, there are plenty of choices available and one of the best is Apple’s iPhoto. Instantly familiar to tens of millions of Mac users, this consumer app is now on iOS and it’s quickly become a best-seller.

Jim Dalrymple, eminence beard of the Apple universe, reports that iPhoto for iOS hit more than 1 million users in the first 10 days of its release or about 100K people a day, which is none too shabby. Although we don’t know how many paid copies that works out to, at $4.99 a pop, Apple’s made a few bucks in the process.

Why doesn’t that to $5 million in Apple’s App Store till? Well, iOS users can install their app purchases on up to five devices, which makes their purchases that much more valuable.

For example, although I don’t have iPhoto (yet), my family’s Pad, iPhone and two iPod touches all have copies of all three versions of Angry Birds installed and the additional installs didn’t cost a penny more — sweet.

And, whence Verizon rolls its family shared data plans sometime soon, I will get an iPad nü (third generation) and iPhoto will be one of the first apps purchased. Naturally, it will get shared around…

What’s your take?

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