iPhone 5 rumor rebound

March 25, 2012

It has been nothing but new iPad, iPad 3 and more iPad HD news for weeks now. Time for a quick iPhone 5 rumor roundup and there is fresh juice for the squeezing with unsourced answers to open questions about the next-generation Apple smartphone’s display, connectivity and even the ubiquitous 30-pin dock connector, a standard feature in Cupertino’s mobile kit since 2001.

Let’s kill off perhaps the wildest iPhone next prediction, hope and just plain fantasy — a 4.6-inch display. Whereas it’s entirely possibly a larger display is coming, this particular size would break Apple’s iOS design paradigm, causing platform fragmentation — not going to happen.

From the forgone conclusion department, we have 4G. With the iPad already delivering LTE, such as it is, Apple’s next smartphone will certainly offer the connection technology

The open question here is how much carriers will charge and how low the data caps will be — seriously, what’s the point of owning a Ferrari if you can’t get out of first gear?

Although few are talking about it, Corning’s thinner + stronger Gorilla Glass II seems a sure thing for the iPhone 5, as well.

Considering the iPhone 5’s base specs — processor, graphics, RAM — it seems quite reasonable to assume that the A5X and its impressive quad-core graphics will be chosen.

If Apple does indeed deliver their new smartphone with a larger display, additional RAM will helpful. Otherwise, the need might not be there.

A reason to change

Because Apple needs more space inside its devices — more battery, for example — iMore and Makotakra before are saying the iPhone 5 will replace the 30-pin connector with a micro-style dock. Reasonable enough?

Apple loves small and Apple loves to consolidate, which calls to mind Thunderbolt — the I/O tech on steroids the company launched together with Intel that’s spread to every current Mac but one.

However attractive it is, pundits disagree on whether Apple would pull the trigger on the transition if for no other reason than cost, as Thunderbolt controllers currently cost $20 to $30 each which is about as much as the company pays for the A5 processor in the iPhone.

Me? I’m a believe as Thunderbolt ties together loose ends across Apple’s product lines…

What’s your take?

via News.com

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