Foxconn recruiting 18,000 people to build iPhone 5, possibly for June delivery

April 3, 2012

After all of the iPad 3… excuse me — New iPad — rumors were finally put to rest when Apple announced its new tablet, you thought you could breathe. Months of rumors certainly hyped the new tablet and when it was finally announced, the only shocker attached to it was its unexpected name. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but get ready for iPhone 5 rumors.

Several news outlets are reporting that China-based electronics manufacture Foxconn Technology Group is recruiting up to 18,000 new employees to build the new iPhone, which a company recruiter said is going on sale in June.

The iPhone 4s was released in October 2011, but prior iPhone models were released in June. What’s really a few months difference? The only thing that people want to know is what it’s going to look like, how fast it will be, will it have 3D capabilities? Will it be the greatest smartphone to ever hit the market?

Some of the bells and whistles we can expect to see on this sixth-generation iPhone include 4G LTE capability, like the new iPad, and a faster processor. I’m just not sure if it would pack the same dual-core A5X processor with the quad-core chip that’s also in the new iPad, but I would say it’s safe to assume this new phone will have some extra oomph.

The International Business Times published a rumor roundup this week speculating about 3D support, citing a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone that is being released in a few weeks as Apple’s motivation to follow suit. This could be possible, especially with Apple using their own make-shift mapping software in the iOS version of iPhoto, instead of the traditional Google Maps. 3D maps anyone? The IBT also reported that the blog Patently Apple found a patent filed by Apple for a 3D imaging camera that would be compatible with both still images and videos on iOS devices.

Then there’s the question about the size of the device. Will Apple stick with its 3.5-inch screen, or will it go to a larger 4-inch screen, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

And here’s one for the water cooler: Probably the craziest thing that popped on the Internet this week was the iPhone Pro — a concept iPhone that features a mount on the back for digital SLR camera lenses. You know what they say — the best camera is the one you have with you. But now you can lug around a huge hulking lens to make your Instagram photos even cooler. Seems practical. What do you think? Share your iPhone 5 rumors below.

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