iPhone 5: Would you prefer a smaller dock connector?

May 12, 2012

Those countless 30-pin chargers piling up in your home may not be compatible with the next generation iPhone.

The classic Apple 30-pin connector, for some reason, has survived for a very long time. Some may even think it’s past its prime. Why hasn’t Apple, the genius computer company, come up with something better than its trusty 30-pin connector?

Something new could be on its way.

Rumors continue to pile up about the next-generation iPhone ditching that classic connector for something smaller. Something that would just be used to charge the phone.

iMore has reported many rumors from their secret sources about the new dock. They even included some top-secret photos.

I don’t have any secret sources, I just like reading the rumors. But let’s talk about this rumored “micro-dock.”

Apple has a few priorities right now: A new iPhone is one of those, but I think iOS 6 and iCloud are higher on the list. MobileMe was complete catastrophe, but iCloud is getting better. I don’t think it’s quite there yet, but it’s getting better.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve plugged my iPhone into my iMac to sync or update it. I used to all the time — especially when I bought new music on my iPhone and wanted to transfer it and back it up. With iCloud, I simply purchase and it’s automatically into my iTunes.

The same goes for software updates. After feverishly waiting for a software update, I’d plug my iPhone in and wait (a really long time) for it to fully update. This past week, I updated to iOS 5.01 at work, over the air.

The 30-pin connector was designed to not only charge, but also sync data. iCloud solves the syncing part, so now we only need the charging part.

I’m all in favor of ditching the 30-pin, but it could be pricey replacing my chargers. Maybe I should kickstart a project for a 30-pin to micro-dock adaptor.

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