iPhone 5 Event: Leaked information or easy public relations?

July 30, 2012

Reports began to surface Sunday evening about the date of Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement event and the release of the next-generation device.

After a public interview back in May about “doubling-down” on secrecy, specifically product leaks, it seemed that Apple CEO Tim Cook’s goal was to prevent the public from knowing when its newest iPhone would be released. Yet, several blogs, beginning with iMore, and even mainstream media are practically confirming that Apple will announce its iPhone 5 on Sept. 12 and release the device nine days later on Sept. 21.

Not only will the iPhone 5 be released alongside its new operating iOS 6, but these reports also say Apple will release its newest device, the iPad Mini, which is a smaller version of its popular tablet computer.

Are these actual leaks from insiders at the company? Or is this an interesting marketing move to build up even more hype and excitement?

The hype is definitely real when it comes to the iPhone 5. The world’s most popular smartphone is expected to receive a completely new design, which includes a larger, 4-inch screen and a thinner body. It will also be much faster by adding 4G LTE cellular service, 1 GB of RAM and a quad-core A6 processor.

iMore broke the news with sources who haven’t failed them in the past. The blog is known to have a strong reputation when it comes to distinguishing rumors with reality. Several blogs aggregated that report, including Blorge. On Monday, Bloomberg News went to its anonymous sources and confirmed that the device would be announced and released this September.

In all of the reports (at least in those whose writers reached out to Apple), an Apple spokesperson declined to comment. But is the company’s head of marketing giving the green light to certain individuals with technology blog connections to leak the information? It would certainly help create more buzz around the new iPhone and the rumored iPad Mini.

If this is the case, it wouldn’t be the first Apple has (possibly) controlled the leak of a device.

Since the beginning of the year, technology blogs have reported about the purported iPad Mini. When mainstream media, like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, begin reporting on those devices, there is definitely a sense of truth in those reports. The day before Google released its new Nexus 7 tablet, the New York Times, quoting anonymous sources close to the situation, reported on Apple releasing a smaller version of its popular iPad that would obviously directly compete against the Nexus 7.

Is this a controlled leak or some company employees trying to build hype up on their own? Regardless, it’s exciting news for fans of Apple.

The iPhone 5 has been previously rumored to be released sometime in October, the same time as Apple’s current iPhone 4S, which was released in October 2011.

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