Here’s the iPhone 5 Apple will release on Sept. 12

September 4, 2012

Technology rumor sites around the Internet have created a pretty good idea on what the iPhone 5 will look like, but a recent mockup that uses the countless amount of rumors could give us the best look into what to expect on Sept. 12.

iMore, who has a stellar record of reporting accurate Apple and most recently iPhone 5 rumors (they accurately predicted the media event date and new design), has created a digital mockup of what the next-generation iPhone will look like.

As reported (many times), the iPhone 5 will be completely redesigned. It will feature a taller, 4-inch screen and a significantly thinner body. Of course, this makes sense. Think of this iPhone update as the same type of update from the original iPad to the iPad 2. The iPad 2 was faster, thinner and included more bells and whistles.

The iPhone 5 will take advantage of its taller body and slim down a bit. It will be significantly faster and we can expect the front- and back-facing cameras to be much sharper.

Some new designs you’ll immediately notice on the iPhone 5 is the new position of the front-facing camera. Instead of being located to the left of the earpiece, it will now be above, copying the current iPod Touch.

Additionally, the 30-pin dock connector has now shrunk and will only include 8-pins. That connector will primarily be used for charging, as Apple hopes users will use iCloud to sync their devices to their personal cloud.

The headphone jack will also copy the iPod Touch and move to the bottom of the device.

The next major difference from the previous iPhone will be its two-tone back. The metal and glass backing will make the iPhone’s internals more efficient and prevent another “AntennaGate.”

Other than those differences, the iPhone 5 will be quite similar to the iPhone 4 and 4S. Obviously, everyone will notice the taller screen. And that taller screen will improve many apps on the iPhone.

As for power, the iPhone 5 will run on the 4G LTE network, operate on a quad-core A6 processor and include 1 GB of RAM, making it the fastest smartphone on the planet.

Apple made the iPhone 5 official Tuesday when it sent out media invites confirming a Sept. 12 event that will announce the much-anticipated next-generation iPhone.

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