iPhone 5 battery issues? Your cellular signal could be the problem

September 26, 2012

The iPhone 5 has been advertised of having outstanding battery life, but a recent analysis shows that it may not be as promised.

Well, at least not for people who use their new iPhone where service is a bit sketchy.

The popular iOS accessory blog iLounge has published an extensive analysis of the iPhone 5′s battery life, testing it under multiple conditions, including cellular and Wi-Fi web browsing, FaceTime calls and video and audio playback.

“If you’re using your iPhone 5 in places a with a very strong (4- to 5-bar) LTE or 3G signal, your cellular battery life may approach that number, but if not, the cellular antenna will struggle to maintain a signal, and fall well short,” according to the report. “Because LTE and 3G/4G towers are in a state of build-out flux right now, our tests suggest that many LTE users won’t come close to Apple’s promised numbers.”

Apple promised that the iPhone 5 would have eight hours of 3G talk time, but it doesn’t appear that it will come close to that… at least for now.

On the MacRumors forums, battery complaints have included:

• “Even doing ‘nothing’ (phone is locked, etc.) on AT&T’s 4G network (no LTE here yet) I’ve been losing 1-2% every few minutes. Once I switch to WiFi it goes back to normal. Hopes this improves.”

• “Battery life is definitely worse than my iPhone 4 for comparable usage. I am on Rogers in Montreal, Quebec and am often on 2-3 LTE bars.”

• “This might explain my batter issue. While home (4G AT&T, not LTE area) I get full signal and the battery (now conditioned twice) works great finally. This past weekend I Was hiking all day Sunday in a marginal coverage area and the phone barely lasted six hours. Home (good signal) it’s gone two days now without needing a charge.”

Have you experienced poor iPhone 5 battery issues? Share it with us below.

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