iPhone 5 Lightning-compatible accessories start popping up

November 17, 2012

Well it has certainly taken Apple long enough to approve some third-party accessories for its iPhone 5 with new Lightning connector. Now we have speakers, car chargers and more.

Apple has been picky about who is and who isn’t going to be able to manufacture approved accessories. In September, Apple highlighted several vendors, including JBL, Bose and B&W, which all should have a dedicated iPhone 5 (Lightning) speaker soon.

JBL is first up.

JBL OnBeat Micro

This is the smaller, desk-top size speaker. It’s going to sell for $100. This design (see photo at top) isn’t new to JBL. They’ve sold the smaller iPhone speakers for some time now.

JBL OnBeat Venue Lightning

This speaker is more than just iPhone 5. It can fit any Lightning-ready iOS device that Apple sells, including the iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and iPod nano. That speakers will sell for twice as much at $200.

Reviewing these initial speakers

Engadget offered a quick review, saying that both sounded “full and clear.”

“Even with the optional bass- or vocal-boosts enabled, it didn’t seem like the speakers were having trouble pushing out a high level of volume. The Micro on the other hand sounded decidedly tinny, which we’re frankly not surprised about given the size. Both systems are compatible with JBL’s MusicFlow app as well, giving you some extended options for tweaking the EQ.”

More iPhone 5 Accessories

Earlier this month, Belkin, which has been quite popular when it comes to iOS accessories, announced its official lineup of Lightning connector-ready products.

For $30 you can buy a car charger and a Charge + Sync Dock. The dock isn’t available right now, but should prove to be popular, as this is the first Apple iPhone that Apple decided not to include an official dock for.

Apple’s new Lightning connector shrunk down the classic 30-pin connector that Apple has been using since 2003. The new connector — a sleek and significantly smaller 8-pin digital connector — can be inserted into the iPhone on either side.

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