iPhone 5 power button not working for many users

November 27, 2012

The top button on the iPhone 5 that allows users to turn off the smartphone’s screen and power down has a problem with sticking and simply not working.

I thought my iPhone 5 was the only phone experiencing this problem, until one of my good friends told me he was considering taking his into an Apple store for replacement. Of course, this was this past Black Friday shopping week, and he opted to not fight the crowds.

Regardless, there’s a problem with this button.

When hit normally in the middle, many times the iPhone’s screen won’t turn on. You almost have to hit it just right. On my iPhone, I need to use the left side of the button and press down steadily.

“I shouldn’t have to adjust the way I hit a button to make it work,” my buddy told me.

He obviously didn’t know what Steve Jobs told us when the iPhone 4 had reception issues. We obviously weren’t holding it right.

The button seems loose and even rattles, but apparently this is normal. After perusing several forums online, I found out that the camera’s focus ring is below this button and does make a slight rattling noise.

My last iPhone was an iPhone 4, and the power button worked beautifully. The home button became an issue however. And honestly, I’m not sure what is worse. When my home button was being stubborn, I would go crazy, but I find myself acting the same way when I can’t turn off the screen on my iPhone 5.

How can I fix it?

That’s a tough question. I would assume Apple could replace your iPhone, once stock arrives, as all iPhones are covered under warranty for at least the first year.

You might try and blow out any dust Nintendo-style, but I doubt that will work. this is clearly a mechanical issue.

Foxconn’s chief of manufacturing said the iPhone 5 was the most difficult device they’ve ever manufactured. Maybe they just couldn’t figure out how to make a proper power button.

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