How to replace iPhone 5 broken power button

January 12, 2013

There might be a problem with the power button on early versions of Apple’s iPhone 5.

As mentioned on Blorge last month (and well received!), several users have complained about the iPhone 5 power button simply not working. The power button is used to shut off the screen when you put the iPhone back into your pocket, or turn off completely. When it’s broken, it makes tasks such as hard restarts nearly impossible, often resulting in the user taking a screenshot because the sensor inside slips.

Thankfully, there’s a very easy solution that doesn’t involve prying your iPhone 5 apart. Simply take it to your Apple Store.

This blogger dealt with the inconsistent power button, until it got to the point where it wouldn’t work 95 percent of the time. Thankfully, that behavior continued when I brought it to the Genius Bar at my local Apple Store.

How to replace your broken iPhone 5

The first thing to know is that you can’t just show up with your iPhone 5 and expect a replacement. You need to first make an appointment online and be on time.

I was 15 minutes late for the first appointment I scheduled and was bumped from the system. Try and be early.

The second time I made an appointment, I was about 30 minutes early, and only waited 15 minutes to be waited on.

OH! Make sure you backup your iPhone before you go over there. They are going to take your old iPhone and give you a completely blank one. Unless you’re in the mood to do some spring cleaning on your iPhone, make sure you back it up on iTunes.

Here’s our the conversation with the Genius went:

Genius: What seems to be the problem?

Me: My power button is broken (I click it several times and THANKFULLY it doesn’t work.)

G: Hmm, you’re right. It shouldn’t be that tough to use.

Me: (No kidding…)

G: As far as you know, did you drop it?

Me: No. I work from home and don’t get out much. Minimal opportunity to drop the phone.

G: Alright — well we’ll get a replacement for you.

Apple must have several replacement iPhone 5s waiting to be sold. They come in cheap cardboard boxes, but are covered in plastic cellophane.

It takes about 10 minutes for the Genius to get me set up and send me on my way.

Have a broken power button? Make a Genius appointment today.

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