128 GB iPhone 5S coming this summer?

January 27, 2013

Apple’s iPhone 5S — the next-generation smartphone which is expected to be released this summer — could very well come with 128 GB of storage, much to the joy of users who download heavy amounts of music and video.

The iDownloadBlog noted that new iOS 6.1 Beta 5, which released Saturday, contained a reference that apple could be offering its iOS devices in upcoming models. That would also include the iPad and iPod Touch.

Off the bat, the higher storage capacity makes perfect for the iPad, which might have to compete against the Microsoft Surface Pro. That tablet, which is expected for release next month, will start with 128 GB of storage.

As for the iPhone, Apple fans have certainly been asking for it, but the 16 GB model continues to be the most popular size, mainly for its low $200 entry price.

MacRumors also notes that iTunes 11 contains a graphic that matches a mobile device with a 128 GB hard drive.

iPhone 5S rumors have started coming out of the woodward as of recently. Multiple reports are pointing to Apple releasing the speedier version of its current iPhone 5 this summer, with production starting sometime this spring.

Additionally, Apple is expected to release a cheaper iPhone alongside the iPhone 5 in an effort to increase its marketshare. Right now, Apple is winning the battle in terms profit share, but Samsung holds a hefty lead when it comes to the number of smartphones in the market.

This cheaper iPhone could include storage that starts at 16 GB and come in multiple colors, much like the latest-generation of Apple’s iPod Touch, which released in October.

What must be decided is whether or not the iPhone 5S will start at 32 GB, thus giving Apple an excuse to start pricing on that iPhone at $300.

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