Does Apple want to get into the gaming business?

March 30, 2013

As many Apple fans already know, the iPhone and iPad are great gaming devices, but could they be better with a dedicated iOS gaming controller?

Conflicting reports came out this week. The first from Pocketgamer saying Apple is in talks with several game developers at this past week’s Game Developer’s conference about releasing an official iOS game controller. This isn’t a new rumor — bloggers have been predicting Apple to make such a move for years.

According to the Pocketgamer report, nothing is set in stone, but Apple wants developers to create games that could utilize a joystick and additional hardware buttons. And apparently, all of these talks have been going on in closed-door meetings at the annual gamer’s conference.

Jim Dalrymple, an accurate blogger when it comes to Apple rumors, put the gaming controller rumor to rest only a few hours after Pocketgamer published their report.

“Long rumored — and hoped for — GDC 2013 has finally provided confirmation that Apple will release its own dedicated game controller. Nope.”

Talk about a blunt response.

No one really knows what Apple’s ultimate plan is, but it begs the question: Is Apple serious about the gaming business?

iOS devices have been the number one-rated device for portable gaming, but many serious gamers wouldn’t call Angry Birds, Jetpack Joyride or Temple Run gaming. They want to play long-form games with impressive graphics while on-the-go. And they probably want a game controller to go along with it for better ease of use.

TechCrunch says the idea of a controller is “silly, but after chewing on it for a while the notion doesn’t seem quite as outlandish.”

You’d be hard-pressed to think of OS X as prominent a platform for gaming as Windows is (though some big-league developers are working to change that), but iOS plays home to a staggering number of games and it’s not inconceivable to think that Apple would want to enhance the sorts of gaming experiences available to iPhone, iPod and iPad users. As such, a game controller seems like the sort of thing that Apple would agonize over getting right, and it appears that Apple may have been doing just that.

Would you have a use for an iOS gaming controller? If so, what games would you want to see.

This blogger? Definitely the Super Mario Bros. series.

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