20 iPhone apps that belong on your home screen

April 2, 2013

Just like the way a person dresses or does his hair, an iPhone home screen can tell a lot about a person.

It’s the first thing they open their iPhone up to after sliding the lock, and it’s probably the screen where 98 percent of all smartphone tasks take place. So, make sure you’re not wasting your home screen’s time or your time by putting junk apps on page one.

Here are Blorge’s picks for the 20 apps that must be on your home screen (in no particular order).

1) Clock

Your iPhone is also your alarm to wake up in the morning. Don’t fiddle for it as you fall asleep each night, put it at the top of your home screen.

2) Settings

I always thought settings could live on page two or three of my iPhone, but I find myself going to it frequently. Settings lets you change your wallpaper, check storage, switch between 4G and LTE and so much more.

3) Safari

Your Internet browser should always be handy. Next to Mail, Safari is the most used app on the iPhone.

4) The Weather Channel

Sure Apple’s weather in Notification Center is great, but it’s not always that accurate. Those cute little icons can only tell you so much. The Weather Channel app gives you live, up-to-date radar.

5) Camera

Again, camera can be accessed from the lock screen, which is great, but if you realize you need to snap a quick photo while playing on your iPhone, it’s good to have the Camera app outside of a folder and ready to hit.

The next five apps can be thrown into a social folder on your iPhone’s home screen.

6) Facebook

While many believe Facebook is going downhill, it’s still extremely dominant in the social networking space. And studies have shown that a majority of Facebook uploads come from mobile devices.

7) Twitter (or whatever Twitter client you prefer)

If you’re an avid tweeter, you want your Twitter client on page one.

8) LinkedIn

This is the adult Facebook! Linkedin is becoming surprisingly popular and a great source for business people.

9) Klout

Don’t be ashamed to admit it. You like knowing how influential you are across all of your social networks.

10) Photos

Ah, this is an interesting app to be featured in a social folder! With iOS’s integration of Twitter and Facebook, putting your Photos app in the social folder makes it easy to share multiple photos via social networking, email or iMessages.

11) Instagram

I use Instagram so much that I keep it outside of the social folder for easy access.

12) Music

I wish Apple still called this app iPod. If you have your music library on your iPhone, keep it on the front page.

13) Spotify

I use Music and Spotify almost equally, so I’m also including Spotify on the front page. This is especially encouraged if your a Spotify Pro subscriber.

14) Messages

This is a no brainer. We live in a text message world, so let’s keep our messages handy

15) Phone

Again, no explanation needed. (Does anyone keep their phone app on the second page? If so, leave a comment below telling me why.)

16) Calendar(s)

I make the calendar plural because I use two Calendar apps — Apple’s native Calendar app and Fantastical, which is, well, fantastic. This is also a good place to put your Reminders app. Ok, so No. 16 was actually a three-in-one.

The final four apps are actually productivity apps.

17) Contacts

I’ll get some grief for this because not too many people go to their contacts from the contacts app. It’s much easier to go into the Phone app and click contacts. I work for a business from home and like to turn off my work contacts that I store in my phone outside of work, so I keep Contacts handy.

18) Evernote

I’m a huge advocate of Evernote and use it religiously.

19) Dropbox

If you’re a Dropbox user and love knowing what you have available on your iPhone, then keep this on your front page.

20) Google Maps

Yes, Google Maps — Not Apple Maps. That belongs on the second page.

What’s on your iPhone home screen? Share with us below.

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One Response to “20 iPhone apps that belong on your home screen”

  1. ilev:

    No The Weather Channel, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Klout, Instagram, Spotify, Evernote, Dropbox..
    on my iPhone. Don’t need any of these.
    I have Apple Maps (much better than Google Maps in my country), iGO navigation, Waze navigation, and a voice command (no hands) navigation app.
    All other application on this list are currently on home page.

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