Is iPhone 5 Power Button To Blame for 5-8 Million Defective Returns?

April 23, 2013

You might be surprised at how many people returned their iPhone in the past year or so.

According to multiple reports, 5-8 million iPhone units were returned to Foxconn — the main manufacturer of the iPhone — because they were defective, aka, they didn’t work. How much will that cost? About $32 device, or about $259 million to address the problem.

While it’s unclear what the problem is, the power button could be to blame. One of the most popular posts on Blorge over the past 4 months has been my personal blog on the broken iPhone 5 power button.

For many users, the button simply clunked out, leading us to go to the Apple Store and replace it.

From that report:

When hit normally in the middle, many times the iPhone’s screen won’t turn on. You almost have to hit it just right. On my iPhone, I need to use the left side of the button and press down steadily.

“I shouldn’t have to adjust the way I hit a button to make it work,” my buddy told me.

He obviously didn’t know what Steve Jobs told us when the iPhone 4 had reception issues. We obviously weren’t holding it right.

When I returned to the Apple Store, the rep seemed unphased by the issue.

This has happened before, he told me.

The iPhone 5 has a reputation of suffering from quality control issues at its launch. The device scratched easily and it didn’t work quite right for some users out of the box.

That’s part of the reason it took so long to become available — 2 1/2 months of backorders.

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