10 iPhone 5S release date, feature rumors

June 17, 2013

10 iPhone 5S release date, feature rumorsWe’ve already seen what the interface is going to look like, now it’s time to focus on the hardware: Apple iPhone 5S is coming soon, but when? And what’s it going to include?

Here are our top 10 iPhone 5S release date rumors and iPhone 5s feature rumors that you need to know about:

1) Fall Release Date

The iPhone 5S is slated to ship sometime in September, which would be the same time last year that the iPhone 5 was released. Apple could, however, switch it up and release the updated iPhone in October, which would line it up with the iPhone 4S release two years ago.

2) Improved Camera

The iPhone 5S will likely feature a sharper and more robust camera. In terms of resolution, many experts are pointing to an 13 megapixel camera, which would be more than enough juice to print off acceptable 8×10 cameras.

3) More Storage Space

With bigger files for photos, the iPhone will need more hard drive space. That’s why many are saying the iPhone 5S will top out at 128 GB of storage. This would fall in line with Apple’s decision to up the full size iPad to 128 GB earlier this year.

4) Improved processor

The S version of all iPhones typically stands for speed. The iPhone 5S is no different. Expect this camera to don an updated processor, like an A7 quad-core chip processor. That should be enough juice to run the new iOS 7.

5) Mobile Payments with NFC

Expect the iPhone 5S will feature NFC technology that’s going to integrate with Passbook. The biggest criticism of the iPhone 5 was its lack of NFC technology. It’s probably also why Passbook has flopped thus far.

6) iPhone Mini to Debut Alongside iPhone 5S

This year we’re not just getting one new iPhones, but two! Many rumorists (it’s my new word) say that Apple will release a smaller and cheaper version of its iPhone to make it more accessible and increase market share and hopefully stock prices. Many say the iPhone mini will feature a 3.5-inch screen and a price tag no higher than $99.

7) iPhone 5S to Feature Gold Color

What’s Black and white and gold all over? Well, according to some rumors, all three colors for the new iPhone. Apple might introduce a gold colored iPhone to go along with its classic black and white.

8) Updated name for iPhone 5S?

Will Apple finally ditch the S after its updated iPhones? They did just drop the OS X cat naming pattern with Mac OS X Mavericks operating system for Mac. Many are actually saying the more expensive iPhone will be the iPhone 6, and the iPhone Mini will be the 5S. We’ll see.

9) iPhone 5S Screen Improved

Beauty is fragile — that’s what iPhone owners have learned about their device’s screen, which is prone to breaking. Apple will include a IGZO screen display, which is quite strong. Will it last that nasty fall? Not sure.

10) iPhone 5S to be Even Thinner?

Could Apple make its iPhone even thinner? Some rumors suggest so. The new Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide screen actually lets Apple manufacturer a thinner screen.

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