Cheers! Apple to release champagne colored iPhone 5S

August 22, 2013

Cheers! Apple to release champagne colored iPhone 5SCall it the Moet of iPhones. Apple’s iPhone 5S, due out next month, will arrive in three color options, the third being an elegant champagne-colored hue, according to multiple product photo leaks.

For months leading up to the September announcement of Apple’s next-generation iPhone, many analysts and tech bloggers have speculated that Apple was set to release an alternative color for its iPhone 5S (the iPhone 5C — a cheaper version of the popular smartphone — is expected to arrive in several bright colors), with many believing gold was the answer.

Those speculators and rumorists weren’t too far off. The Japanese website ASCII.JP posted some very credible looking photos that show off the casings of all three colors — black, white and champagne.

Since the iPhone 3GS when Apple released an iPhone with a white-colored option, Apple fans have been stuck with minimal options in terms of color. A champagne is certainly a welcomed addition, but many wonder who big of a difference it makes.

With an iPhone comes a case for most users. That means the onlookers won’t be able to check out your cool new champagne colored iPhone.

After surveying several Apple forums, followers of the technology approve of the new color, although they agree it’s more geared toward female buyers.

Another issue with a new color is demand. Demand is always high around new iPhone units, and adding another option adds another layer of wait times to those who prefer a specific color.

The iPhone 5S is rumored to be announced Sept. 10, with a release about two weeks later. The next-generation iPhone will feature a faster processor, improved camera and is rumored to include fingerprinting technology for security add-ons.

Prices are expected to start at $199 for a 16GB version with a two-year contract from a cellular provider.

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One Response to “Cheers! Apple to release champagne colored iPhone 5S”

  1. ilev:

    “With an iPhone comes a case for most users”

    With any colored smartphone like Nokia’s Lumia or HTCs’ … comes a case, so what the use of the colors ?

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